‘Hawaii Five-0’ Character Jenna Kaye, Might Be Doomed

by on October 8, 2011

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At the end of one episode of Hawaii Five-0, viewers were stunned to see Jenna Kaye, played by Larisa Oleynik, to be helping out Wo Fat.  And of late, for those keeping up with the show, she took her leave from the team to deal with a family matter.

Larisa Oleynik and Alex O'Loughlin in 'Hawaii Five-0'

Which left it wide open as to what they were planning on doing with the character.  At one point, Hawaii Five-0 viewers were teased with her dark association, but rather than follow that story line up, the character left the Five-0 team.

Having just watched the Johnny Depp starrer, Alice in Wonderland, I kept screaming “Off with her head!“, every time Jenna Kaye opened her mouth.  (It’s fun to scream!)

But it seems that executive producer Peter Lenkov told TV Guide in an exclusive with that website that the story arc concerning Larisa Oleynik’s character will be coming to a close in the 10th episode of this season of Hawaii Five-0.

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Lenkov said that

“She’s going to disappear from her life for a little bit and then come back into it in Episode 10 for a very big story that’s going to be very McGarrett/Wo-Fat-centric. It has to do with the origins of McGarrett and takes us back to North Korea where we started in the pilot.”

The TV Guide article title suggests a death, but I’m not seeing that in the quote.  But heck, what do I know?

I enjoyed the introduction of her character into the series in the latter half of season one of H50 and was happy to see her return for season two… but I definitely did not see this coming.

As it is, they’ve added some new characters with some awesome cast like Lauren German, Terry O’Quinn, Tom Sizemore and a few others.

Scott Caan, Lauren German and Alex O'Loughlin in 'Hawaii Five-0'

Tom Sizemore in 'Hawaii Five-0'Terry O'Quinn in

Thoughts on the Jenna Kaye story line?

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