Hawkeye Appearance in Marvel’s Thor Movie

by on December 30, 2010

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Is Hawkeye Appearing in Thor?

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In The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, Jeremy Renner is playing Hawkeye but according to ‘The Wrap,’ we’ll get a first peek at Hawkeye before The Avengers, in the movie Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth & directed by Kenneth Branagh.  Hawkeye is an archer by the name of Clint Barton in the Marvel mythos.  He learned his skills as an orphaned child in a carnival.  I wonder if Barton’s affection for Black Widow will be a piece of The Avengers story line?

Anyway, the ‘Hawkeye in Thor’ rumors have been on and off, meaning at one point that it was guessed that the archer would appear in Thor, but then Renner himself denied the rumor.

Now ‘The Wrap’ has learned that Hawkeye does appear in Thor, but their source didn’t specific when or for how long.  I’m guessing with how Marvel likes to tease us with appearances of characters in various movies, that this isn’t far from the truth.  Why Hawkeye, I don’t know.  My guess is it could be a marketing test to see how much buzz this news generates on the web.  If there’s enough buzz, itmight warrant a movie…  eh?  Eh?  Yea, that could be pretty cool.  But again, just conjecturing here.

If you recall, we supposedly saw Thor himself in a jail cell in the background of a scene in Iron Man 2.  In a scene that was cut from the theater version but is in the bonus features on the DVD, we get a glimpse of Captain America in The Incredible Hulk.   And as you may all remember, Captain America’s shield has been making cameo’s in the Iron Man franchise movies starring Robert Downey Jr..  And then Marvel does take it a step farther with teaser scenes after the closing credits of their movies, like we’ve seen in Wolverine and again in the Iron Man movies.

Basically, it’s a great teaser that Marvel feeds up, which seems also much along the lines of when the comic book industry started using cross-over story lines to capture new readers in different titles.  That’s not a complaint, just a consumer angled observation.

Thor comes out in early May of 2011 and I have to wonder just how many other Marvel characters or Avengers might pop up in the movie.

Hawkeye by Philip Tan from Deviant Art

Source: The Wrap, images: SamRuby, Deviant Art.  History of Hawkeye, on Wikipedia.

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