HBO’s ‘Girls’ Season Premiere Incredibly Blah

by on April 16, 2012

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'Girls' HBO Premiere reviewSeason premiere review of Girls.

Last night I happened to catch the Girls premiere on HBO, and despite the critical acclaim it was receiving from various sources, I am NOT on the same gravy train or smoking the same stuff they were.

(Well, to be honest, professional critics look at things a bit different than I do, and I don’t have a line to toe, if that’s the case in some cases.)

I caught the show and found it to be a drab collection of experiences that one college student/permanent intern is going through.

I think I get the critical accolades about the show and the perspectives it touches on, but as a guy sitting on the couch, catching a new show, it was not what I was looking for. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t looking for anything… it was filler between shows for me.

With that said, obviously this isn’t this guy’s cup of tea but if anyone has a different take, by all means, please chime in.

I like seeing different takes… sometimes folks will say something that connects and then I go, “Ah… I see what you mean!”

As it is, Girls pulled in just under 900k viewers, then HBO added just under 250k viewers by allowing it to air on YouTube. (I presume you will need your adult filters on to watch!)


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