Headlines From Around the Flat World of the Web, Wed, 8-29-12

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Here are some Headlines From Around the Flat World of the Web, Wed, 8-29-12.

Things I think you might be interested in, but I just don’t have time to cover… but you can do the Google/Bing footwork if you find something interesting enough. Heck, you can even drop me a note with a quickie write up if you want. I’m not afraid of letting some of the Brusimm family of visitors post pieces! (I don’t think!)

Well, there’s a few things out there. Some new, some not new but wrapped to look new, etc., etc..

First up is the fanfare about how Warner Bros. Justice League movie will be introducing the new Batman, then move on to the reboot of the movie franchise.

Duh. They’ve been saying this for how long now? Both the Batman reboot and that stand-alone character movies will come after the Justice League movie.

There’s an alternate extra scene that supposedly opens The Avengers that comes with the Blu-ray/DVD of the movie. I’ve been dodging all the freely distributed marketing because I want to be able to boot up my Blu-ray of the title and enjoy the entire thing. I paid good money for the thing and I’d rather not sit there and grumble to myself that I’ve “seen this already” on the web.

But the stuff is out there if you want to go hunt it down.

There’s a preview clip of the now animated feature of The Dark Knight Returns. NO, not an animated feature of the Christopher Nolan movie, but rather, an animated feature of the comic from many years ago, that Nolan loosely based pieces of his movie on.

The movie hype-up news is that Shia LaBeouf took acid while (or for) working on his movie, Death of Charlie Countryman. He said it was for a scene in the film where the character gets wasted.

Supposedly a Beverly Hills Cop TV series is in the works. Eddie Murphy is tied to it, via a production credit, along with Shawn Ryan, the brains behind the hit TV series, The Shield.

If Ryan makes this along the lines of the darkness we saw in The Shield, this is not going to be your parents Beverly Hills Cop like TV series!

It’s supposed to pick up in time, after the movies, and focuses on Axel Foley’s son. Murphy may show up here and there in his old role.

This is the “Wow, when will the exec producers stop getting high to come up with movie ideas?” note.

Apparently a LEGO movie is in the works, and cast like Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt and Morgan Freeman are on board.

Ryan Gosling will be diving into the world of movie directing with his first venture titled How to Catch a Monster.

Expendables 2 is dominating the overseas movie market for the time being.

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