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Brusimm.com: Entertainment news and opinionNews bites from around the web include bits on a few Joss Whedon things, Prometheus, MST3K fan alert, and E.T. coming back to theaters for one day only…

Much Ado About Nothing

The biggest piece of news, as far as we’re concerned here, is that Joss Whedon‘s private little shindig of a movie, called Much Ado About Nothing, was picked up for distribution by Lionsgate.  It’s nice to see how suddenly everyone is on board with Whedon’s projects, versus a year or more ago.  Aye?

Then again, Lionsgate also backed and released The Cabin in the Woods.  Go Lionsgate!  I think you’ll be generating a slightly larger, and shiny fan base!

Prometheus Early Home Ent Release

If you didn’t hear, Fox is trying a new marketing plan.  This plan involves releasing their movies digitally, before they hit the shelves in DVD & Blu-ray.  Those disc dates also include Video on Demand (VoD) dates that are associated with those dates.

With that in mind, you need to keep your eye out for Prometheus on DHD. (Digital High Def)

If you’re a home collector, Prometheus will be coming out on disc on October 11th, 2012.  But if you’re joining the digital revolution, Fox will be releasing the movie to their Ultraviolet Cloud Service on September 18.

Also included in this process, is an expected much cheaper price for the digital content.  For aournd $15, that does seem pretty appealing.  (Without the materials or shipping overhead, I’d expect a sharp cut in price!)

I like the idea of digital… that’s less crap on my counter space.  But it makes me uncomfortable… but only because it’s something new.  If we have digital access forever to a purchased title, I’d eat this up in a second!

MST3k Fan Alert

This is a heads up that RiffTrax will have a live performance coming up on October 25th… Check it out at:  cinemastatic.org

Virus Warning for Internet Image Searches

Hey, heads up… if you’re out cruising the web using “the Google” to find images of Emma Watson, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes and more, you might want to know that in regards to Emma Watson, every one in eight websites claiming to have images or info, are loaded with a malware or worse.

Me, I’d suggest enjoying the preview images that Google produces and be done with it.

I’d recommend checking out the rest of the article for more names to be worried about!

[source:  huffington post ]

The Avengers comes out on Blu-ray/DVd on September 25th!

For The Avengers 2, (If you’ve seen the first one already), don’t get comfy with the happy group-hug ending.  Joss Whedon says that the group dynamic will be getting complicated.  And that he’ll be enjoying making it such.

The Watch comes out on Blu-ray in November.  Keep an eye out for it, if you’re a fan.

Here’s an interesting press release that was sitting in my inbox the other day:

“E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” returns to the big screen in honor of its 30th Anniversary. TCM Presents “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial’ 30th Anniversary Event” will take place Wednesday, October 3”

Keep your eyes peeled on the web for more info!

[source: cinemablend]

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