Heartbreaker as Firefighters Stand By and Watch Home Burn

by on October 8, 2010

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Letting A House Burn To The Ground

In Obion County, Tenn. residents need to pay their annual $75 fire protection fee to the city of South Fulton if they want fire fighting services. If a resident does not pay that fee and they find their house on fire, the fire department there will not respond to the 911 calls or if they’re at the house next to the burning house, will do nothing but watch.

That’s exactly what happened to Gene Cranick.

For what ever reason, Mr. Cranick did not pay this paltry (it turns out) $75 fire protection fee. Because of that, the fire department would not come to his house to put out the fire. Only when his neighbors home caught fire, did the FD respond. (That’s because the neighbor paid the fee.)

Once the FD arrived at the neighbor’s home and put that fire out, they ended up watching Cranick’s home burn down. But did nothing more.


On one side of the coin, Mr. Cranick. He made the assumption that whether a person paid the fee or not, that the fire department would show up.

Bad assumption and now everyone knows.

The sad part is that he begged the FD staff on hand and they did nothing. In fact the chief on-site would not talk to him and ended up calling police to have Mr. Cranick removed.

The other side of the coin, I’m not sure how a firefighter could actually stand by and do nothing, despite the regulations.

Cranick begged and pleaded and offerend to pay, whatever the cost. Yet, nothing was done.

I’d think they could have explored a post-action fee, but instead, it would seem to be hard, fast rule to let a home and everthing inside it burn down.


How to Get Re-Elected

Well I’m thinking that the next time the population looks to vote for a new mayor, they might want to keep this quote about the situation in mind:

If homeowners don’t pay, they’re out of luck.

Nice buddy, real nice.

There are all kinds of different scenarios that could have played out to make this happen. From the home owner having either good or bad reasons to pay the annual fee to the FD and what rule in the background is so powerful that they actually do absolutely nothing.

I’ve seen cities and counties be at odds with each other where a city will only allow their residents in their huge park. I’ve seen people make poor choices as to how they spend their money and I’ve seen people who are victims of circumstances (economy) and can’t pay some bills.

Regardless, I think city FD should have shown up and billed Mr. Cranick the annual fee plus some late-fee or action-fee.

Instead, it was more important to make a statement rather and let someone lose everything they own. Apparently, according to sources, his pets died in the fire.


The video at the link didn’t seem to work for me and it froze my web session when I tried to be persistent.

wpsdlocal6: Firefighters-watch-as-home-burns-to-the-ground

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