Hell On Wheels: Renewed For A Third Season

by on October 30, 2012

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Hell on Wheels

If you recall, I was a little concerned about the season finale of Hell on Wheels. The end of the second season, that episode was a powerful one for the show, and it wasn’t a cliff hanger of sorts. You could have treated it like a series finale or a quiet ending for a second season, with just enough open ended moments to pave the way into another season.

And if you read my last piece on the season finale and a look back at season 2 of Hell on Wheels, I questioned the renewal option, but also made note that last year, they made their announcement in November of last year.

Well, it’s pretty close to November. Close enough to touch on how AMC has renewed Hell on Wheels for a third season. Sweet news.


Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels

The present executive producers, Joe and Tony Gayton, are stepping down, but showrunner John Shiban will stay on. Hence, there will or should be some form of continuity in the story.

There’s no word who else will be signed up to exec produce. Yet.

But now I have to wonder what will come of everyone in the next season? Is the Swede really dead? I can see wiggle room for his not being dead. But how will Bohannan (Anson Mount) carry on now that he’s buried another woman of his life? Sheesh.


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