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by on September 27, 2012

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Donate money to schools with Box Tops for EducationOn and off you’ll probably see an added rant in news pieces I do on Brusimm about the millions or billions being spent on some things, and I question the costs, while the plight of our schools are in seem to get ignored.

I get a bit incensed to watch the political parties battle and spend millions insulting each other while teachers get dumped from their jobs.

I get a bit confused when almost TEN BILLION DOLLARS a year is spent on advertising for TV and Cable.  Yes, a year, per TV season to be exact.  That’s only TV and does not count print advertising or installed street advertising.  Meanwhile, schools struggle with shortfalls in the “mere” thousands.

There’s not much we can do as a whole to stop the above noted spending (Unless by some miracle, all people stood together and asked for accountability in one fashion or another), but there small things we can do.

One small thing exists over at

BTFE stands for Box Tops for Education and last year alone, BTFE contributed $74 million to the cause of America’s schools.  And since 1996, has contributed ~$475M.

One of the participants of this program is General Mills.  But that is one of MANY participating organizations.  There’s Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Hanes, Brita, SCOTT, Hefty and many more who make it easy to help the process.

What’s nice is that this isn’t blind contribution on your part.  You can sign up at the website and designate where your box tops contribute to.

All you have to do is collect small labels on the top of cereal boxes and other products, and head off to the website to see how you can help.

At my place of employment, a few folks have asked their peers to bring them boxtops when they become available.  It works pretty good here.

So head on over to Box Tops for Education, look around, see what good you can do for your local schools and have fun doing it.

Foot Note:

Breast Cancer Pink RibbonLike in my campaign for breast cancer donations, I’d like to point out that one box top doesn’t seem like much, but if millions participate, the “power of one” is a truly powerful factor and  contributes to the overall picture.

One of my favorite examples is if the nearly 5 million people who have been watching Parenthood address breast cancer only sent $1 a piece, well, the math seems evident.

So your one lonely box top will make a difference.  And if you coordinate and get lots of friends together, the process speeds up!



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