Here’s a Fascinating Bit On The Developing ‘Justice League’ Movie

by on July 26, 2012

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Justice League movie newsFilmonic is reporting that Will Beall (Castle, Gangster Squad) is developing the Justice League movie script for WB.

What’s interesting is that WB looks like they might be taking the inverse Marvel approach to their group outing, and having the Justice League movie air first, then they will break out the individual character movies after that.

At least that’s the gist I took away from the piece.  But I have to wonder.. it’s obvious that Warner Bros needs to work on their properties to make them work in the movie theater.  Green Lantern, though not a terrible movie (when watched on TV), panned out poorly at the box office with many critics.

But Marvel took a decent approach to their multiple characters, gave them decent movie platforms and then pulled it all together under Joss Whedon in The Avengers.

If WB goes with a Justice League movie first, sure, fanboys will flock, but what motivations will other fans have?  What will draw them into this ensemble movie of untested waters?

When fans hit up The Avengers, we had a good idea what we’d be getting into.  (And then some!)  It won’t be so much if WB doesn’t show some faith in their individual properties first before pulling off the ensemble film.

(I have to wonder if WB is kicking themselves for blowing off Joss Whedon’s spec script attempt at Wonder Woman?  Lack of foresight sure can suck!)


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