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by on August 6, 2012

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Syfy channel LogoI cruise along and follow Syfy on Twitter. Every now and then the man behind that Twitter account, Craig Engler, has 10-minute Q&A sessions about various aspects of the TV industry. And every now and then we learn some great insights. Craig runs the Syfy account and his own. In this set of snippets, Craig ran a Q&A from his own account. Check out what I came across:

  • More than likely we won’t ever see classic B&W sci-fi movies because there isn’t a big enough audience to warrant it.
  • One of the factors that works against older sci-fi shows being aired is that they’re easily available in so many other formats like DVD, Netflix and the like.
  • Lost Girl is racy, but rather than hearing complaints, Syfy has been hearing good things about the show.
  • Eureka: Though cancelled, Syfy will be airing the reruns. Keep your eye on the schedule…
  • They do product placement in a few shows when there is advertiser interest. It’s hard to sell a lot of them however.
  • TV shows that fans see can sometimes be in development for years before we see them. But one of the faster development time frames once went from idea to airing in 8 months.
  • He was asked about a sci-fi themed quiz or news show, but he said that it’s hard to make either concept work.
  • Q) “Is there ever a case for a project where quality and creativity will trump economics?” A) “Can’t separate. It all works together.”
  • Is it easy to make a movie based off of a cancelled TV series? A) Movies based on TV shows are difficult. TV shows work economically by shooting many eps in a row, not one-offs.
  • What shows have ebisodes? A) Warehouse13 Webisodes right now –
  • What determines how many episode of a series the network orders for a season depends… Overall channel schedule, budget, and many other combined things


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Bruce Simmons August 7, 2012 at 10:51 am

To be honest Dude, I see this info as more of an insight to the TV industry than spin from Syfy. I sort of stopped holding my breath on stuff from Syfy. When the put out Sci-fi content, I become surprised. When it’s decent, I’m pleasantly surprised. But I’m not holding my breath. That leads to too much disappointment. BBC has some good stuff that has distracted me from some of my withdrawals!

Dude August 7, 2012 at 9:19 am

No matter how Craig Engler spins it, there is a very apparent purging of science fiction content on syfy in favor or generic copies of reality shows found on other networks. Craig Engler himself said that they (syfy) love science fiction, but then why does their lineup have so little of it left? They used to delete negative feedback on their social media sites, now they just block people or ignore the feedback altogether.

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