Hey Now – Howard Stern Goes Mobile, Hello, NASCAR??

by on December 15, 2010

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In the negotiation process that Howard Stern‘s camp was wrangling with Sirius XM radio in November, we were wondering if Howard was even coming back! Even his staff seemed to not know. Heck, at one point mainstream news outlets were running with a fan’s unsubstantiated Twitter entry that Howard was looking at Apple.

But in the end Howard Stern signed for five more years with Sirius XM, and he’s also done something that may not only keep present fans happy, but could very well add many, many more fans: He’s going mobile!

Going Mobile Will Help Sirius XM

If there’s one aspect of my satellite radio that I find frustrating… well, two really, if you count trees, buildings and being under bridges… it’s that some of the best, most desired content from Sirius XM isn’t available online. It’s not streamed anywhere.

With Howard Stern, you have to go to the broadcast and get your fill that way. It’s also true with my other favorite outlet, the corporate conglomerate of NASCAR on Sirius XM.

Despite a huge contingent of entertainment entities having gone to streaming, the NASCAR offerings, via restrictive contractual agreements between all entities involved, pretty much have dissed the fan while the multi-network contracts serve to fill the coffers of the broadcasting networks. Hey NASCAR, with Howard Stern and the NFL in 2011 paving the way for online streaming, that means I can get their content, whenever and where ever… even in the bowels of my office building. Wow, wouldn’t that be nice to be able to go indoors and still get NASCAR? Yea… but while Turner wants too much money for the deal to happen, the fans are dissed. It is business first folks and I get that. I think we’ve all be victims of the business environment at one time or another, but there are many fans that would appreciate the ability to listen to NASCAR somewhere else besides their cars!

Yet wanting more money seems counterproductive to the premise of actually getting more listners. But that’s just me!

If you open up your product to new facets of exposure, I’m betting more people will be willing to pile on board realizing that they won’t just be able to listen in their cars. I have a stupid looking set up at home with a Sirius Boom Box but I’m not just in that room when I’m at home… so yea, online or streaming would be a great addition to my ability to hear what Sirius XM has to say. Heck, I’d even talk about it more if that were the case.

Should I even mention how the online coverage can sometimes be superior to the television coverage? Nah, but I’m betting they know that and could be one of the reasons we’re not getting streaming NASCAR content.

By year’s end, we’ll know a lot more about what ever options NASCAR is taking, but in the end, I have to say thanks to Howard Stren for broadening the horizons of Sirius XM and becoming available on my phone and thus, in my home and office! ”Hey now!”

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