Hey! Precision Automotive in Palo Alto Does It Again (Kudos)

by on November 30, 2012

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Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionThis is a tale (service review) of how Precision Automotive Service in Palo Alto, CA on The Peninsula, comes to the rescue once again, with a smart approach and the least pain to my wallet! (I know this will only apply to my local readers, but this is important enough because it’s hard to find a mechanic a consumer feels they can trust. Any Bay Area readers, please share!)

For a year or so my wife’s POS Volkswagen Golf has had an engine light warning signal going off for a while. But it never stays on. It visits for a few weeks, then goes off. On two different occasions the local VW dealer has looked at it and scratched their heads. Though they happily suggested a few very expensive repairs.

I’m not into expensive repairs these days, especially with this VW. I met my wife eleven years ago, and this thing has forced us to make an annual pilgrimage to the garage. And the things that break on it are amazingly stupid, or poorly thought out designing. (Or not, depending on the income focus.)

This week the engine light thing came on and it was accompanied by an angry, sputtering VW engine. But this time, the “check engine” light was blinking.

According to every VW manual and service personnel I’ve ever spoken with, if the “check engine” light blinks, if I understand this correctly, you’re supposed to pull over immediately and stop driving the car.

We didn’t pull over the sputtering piece of “!.” I had my wife drive it home and then I drove it to work and then onward to Precision Automotive over in Palo Alto. I took it there because they have proven to me on multiple occasions with all of our vehicles, that they take a no-nonsense approach, with MY WALLET in mind.

I pulled… no, make that, I sputtered in and pulled up. Even though they were slammed, I pulled in right as they opened and they were gracious enough to not only take a quick peek, but also fix my small issue before noon of the same day.

Yes, I said small issue. And here, that “blinking check engine” light was actually terrifying me.

When they hooked up a computer to the VW, they had a readout of a misfire in cylinder 2. But then the Precision Automotive gang had an idea and tried something.

They dug out the spark plugs (They’re buried under many engine parts) and swapped cylinder locations. (Something, I might add, the VW mechanic have apparently never tried.)

After they did that, the engine misfire error moved with a spark plug!

Man, was I thrilled to hear that. So when they asked me what I wanted to do, I chose the options of getting new spark plugs and since I was so happy to not be spending $1000 on the visit, (The usual cost of visiting a VW dealership mechanic), I had the spark plug cables replaced also.

And I got my tires rotated!

Once again, Precision Automotive came and pulled my financial butt out of the fire and did a job with a smart approach. They do every time and I appreciate them for it! I’ve referred three other folks there from work and they all come back with great experiences. Well, as great as dropping bucks on auto repairs can be that is.

If you live or work anywhere near this automotive repair service, I fully recommend them. Even though they’re only open M-F, it’s worth it. They’re fair, honest and work on all kinds of cars. They take the best approach, not the most expensive approach.

If you recall, I chatted about en event in September of 2010, where M & R Automotive offered to fix an issue I was having. I was told if I didn’t fix the issue, I would ruin my engine. Their estimate of work was very involved and would have cost me $2500. When Precision Automotive looked at it, they found that it was only my battery causing the issue. An $84 battery. I was pretty happy and had them do a huge chunk of work on my truck and I got out of there with a bill under $500. (And I told them what the other place said, leaving them an open to go down the same path. And they didn’t take it.)

Located just south of the Oregon Expressway off of El Camino Real, this place is manned/owned by common sense guys who know how to come at a problem and not assume the worse, even when sometimes, the symptoms seem ugly.

They have your budget in mind rather than their profits.

I completely endorse Precision Automotive Services and if you ever need a mechanic and you’re not sure who to trust, I’d suggest trusting them.

Precision Automotive Service
439 Lambert Ave,
Palo Alto, CA 94306-2220

+1 (650) 493-7877

facebook: Precision-Automotive-Service

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Bruce Simmons November 30, 2012 at 9:06 pm

I’ve been driving Ford pick-ups for a very long time. I’ve only seen a warning light once or twice… but dang, VW’s start to dissolve a few years after purchase! It’s crazy cheap workmanship.

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