HGTV’s House Selling and Buying Programs Are A Hoot

by on December 26, 2011

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HGTV networkI hate to admit it, but I love watching HGTV‘s (Home & Garden Television) real estate based programming TV shows. The different shows I find myself watching are Property Virgins, My First Sale, House Hunters, and a few other guilty pleasures of real estate reality TV shows on HGTV. And as far as reality TV goes, this is probably some of the better, more intelligent of the fare we see on TV… because you could actually learn something from it.

House Hunters

House Hunters

In the House Hunters franchise, we watch the episode’s house buyer look at three properties and then they choose which of the three they want.

We then follow their trials and tribulations of submitting an offer and getting countered or accepted.

I get a hoot out of the program because through the property search, even though they may have specified exactly what they want, and sternly clarify what they don’t want, almost everyone settles for a property that has something they thought they definitely didn’t want.

The key to watching this show: The property that the House Hunters gripe the most about (albeit, creatively applied editing), is usually the one they choose.

And the International version is interesting because you get a taste of different real estate opportunities in different countries. It’s very fascinating to learn how different countries handle real estate transactions.

Property Virgins

HGTV Property Virgins

Hosted by one of my favorite real estate agents, Sandra Rinomato, Sandra takes our Property Virgins through the paces and does so, so very patiently.

This is a show where Sandra shows a client looking for their first place to buy.

This has a unique twist in where we watch Sandra teach her clients different aspects of the real estate house hunt journey.

Once the client has found a house they like, we also experience their contract negotiation journey.

It’s a fun show.

Here’s Sandra Rinomato’s website; Rinomato’s Twitter Account; Facebook Page;

And on her website, if you live in her working region, you can apply to be on her show. That would be cool… sort of, and then maybe not, as you try to look at houses with a film crew following you around everywhere!

My First Sale

HGTV My First Sale

My First Sale follows different clients with different real estate agents as they look to sell their first home, and selling a house for the very first time.

This is my serious guilty pleasure.

I spent several years as a real estate agent and if you live near me, you can hear me screaming at the TV when clients blow off the suggestions from their real estate agent’s experience and go it in the direction they erroneously believe they should go.

I have to say, if you hire an agent to sell your place, you have to listen to what they say. They’re the ones in the middle of the industry.

But not all clients are… stubborn.

There’s a great mix of clients and results throughout the season.

Unfortunately, this latest season was filmed on the other side of that busted real estate bubble, so we’ve been watching home sellers who are so deep in that they don’t always recoup what they’ve put into their homes.

My heart goes out to those folks. To the others who don’t listen to their agents, well, you sleep in the bed you make, don’t we all?


Quick Home Selling Tip:

If the comparable home sales around your house sell for ‘x’ amount, your house will not be appraised by a bank for a loan for more than those comparable amounts, unless the buyer provides cash to make up the difference.

Just sayin!


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