High Speed Rail Through Peninsula Is A Done Deal! [Thoughts]

by on January 5, 2010

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Did you know that the proposed High Speed rail project that is going to cut through hundreds of homes in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Peninsula region, the one that is still under scrutiny, is a done deal?

Yea… me too.

On 11-4-08, voters did not read their voter pamphlets on the High Speed Rail Initiative and passed it happily. Now lawsuits, delayed studies and what not are in the mix.

The High Speed Rail Initiative would widen the rail corridors BY 4 to 5 TIMES, where by eminent domain, (Which seems imminent) hundreds of homes will be taken from home owners.

Every time I read something about Quentin Kopp, who is the Chairperson of the California High Speed Rail Authority, he seems to speak as if no one’ else’s opinion matters. He’s got a one-track mind that is set on getting this project pushed through, regardless of citizen concerns.

Even though the cost of this project could pay off the debt of California a few times over, Kopp has been quoted to saying this project is a “Done deal.

In a Bay Area, local Peninsula newspaper, The Daily Post, an interesting article popped up.

In the article by Diana Diamond, (Pg 7, 1/5/10), it’s reported that Hal Mickelson encountered Quentin Kopp at the Rose Bowl during New Year’s Day and Mickelson asked Kopp if the Rail Project is in trouble. (What with all the opposition and lawsuits and what not rising up against the process.)

Kopp is quoted to responding “It’s a done deal.”

That’s nice to know that it’s a done deal. It would be good if all the folks whose homes will be run over by the new project and have lawsuits flying knew this too!


Every time I hear words come from this man, it really seems like for whatever reason, he just does not give a shoot about the people and is oddly insistent on getting this deal done ASAP. Heck it wasn’t even weeks when the project was approved that the Rail Authority was moving on the project. I’ve never seen any large project move that fast!

I just have to ask, what is UP?

Word in a subsequent article below the “It’s a done deal” article in the January 5th 2010 Daily Post article on page 7 says that a rail path report, that was due out in December, won’t be coming out until February or early March.

Hints are saying that this report, that will indicate the preferred route of the rail authority, will not be including tunnels in the Peninsula. That, despite residents pleading vocally for that option.

Now you know. Pass the word and locals, grab today’s The Daily Post and see for yourself!

A resource for the readers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quentin_L._Kopp

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