Hitting Up ‘Comic Con’ on the Cheap and saving $400?

by on July 12, 2011

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So what am I doing to save $400 on hotel rates for this year’s Comic Con event?  Call me crazy, but check it out below…



If you just started looking at hotels to stay at or around the 2011 San Diego Comic Con event, you’re probably noticing some pretty steep room rates right about now. That and realizing you’ve started looking too late!

Me… I’ve dropped the hotel room I had and right now, I’m looking to take the bold route to Comic Con this year and sleeping in my own bed.  This stunt will probably be saving me close to or more than $400.  And depending on your room rates, could save you even more!

But the trick to this crazy stunt is that you need to live in a relatively close geologic proximity to San Diego and an airport to make this work for you AND you need to get your airline tickets NOW.

What I’ve done is dropped my hotel room and I’m flying in and out of San Diego each day.  I’m snagging the earliest Southwest flight into SD and the latest one out of there, headed home, sleeping in my own bed, then getting up and headed out again the next day, doing the same thing.

I’ve managed to snag tickets that are only costing me $120 per day, I don’t need luggage, and I’ll have time on the flights to power-nap.  As it is, I’ve stayed in hotels at the event over the last several years and I never got any sleep anyway, so doing this amounts to the same deal… I might even get more sleep as I avoid some of the late-night temptations that San Diego has to offer when the sun goes down!


The only caveats to this iron-man stunt include the premise that you live close enough to keep the flights and driving time under 2 hours, which means living near enough to an airport to pull this off!  I live about 20 minutes from San Jose, and the hour or so flight will drop me off and then I snag a taxi from there… or heck, even walk in.

I’ve got my cheap tickets, I’ve got my plans, I’ve got my… oh wait, I don’t need to pack!  Plus I’m sleeping in my own bed and power-napping on the plane.

This Crazy Idea Is Not For Everyone

But I do have to say, this will not be for the feint of heart but for those whose very focused on their bottom line.  Me, it seemed to be more convenient than the 1 hour of walking I was contemplating each day, one-way.  At least this way, I can include cab-fare and airline ticket and know that’s all I’m spending and still saving a few bucks.

I have a feeling it won’t work out as smoothly as I’m envisioning it to, but heck, I’ve got my reasons for trying this and who knows, Comic Con may still turn out to be as fun as I envision it to be!  With all the bucks I’m saving, I can drink a lot more beer than originally planned!

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