HONEY BOO BOO Cancelled by TLC

by on October 24, 2014

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In a horrible set of events and details, TLC has decided to cut ties with the production of Honey Boo Boo and cancelled the series. That despite having a new season filmed, “in the can.”

But why would they do that?

In the event that you had not seen the news, it’s a sordid set of events that have come to light.

Some years ago, “Mama” June was dating a man who ended up getting convicted of child molestation and was thrown in jail. From what I can tell, these details were not known by the network until recent days.

That’s because as the man got out of jail, June rekindled her relationship with the man. What is worse, is that this man, according to one of June’s daughters, Ana, had molested her.

TLC not only took aggressive action to immediately cancel the series, they did so, committing to not even airing the new season they have ready to go. Plus, they offered counseling to Ana.

I do not get the insidious nature of a person who rekindles a relationship with such a monster. But such is the nature of the human mind sometimes.

One thing I do know and that is kudos to TLC for the quick and efficient response to such a situation, including the offering of services to Ana.

There are more details over at Deadline.

Honey Boo Boo herself had shot to fame via Toddler and Tiaras, the show that seems to prosper off of sugared up children and fame mongering mothers. It’s a freaky show. (Yes, I watched a few episodes in the interest of informing my readership. All 25 of you!) Her fame continued through this reality series but it was a show for a specific kind of TV fan.

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