House “Bombshells” Episode TV Review

by on March 8, 2011

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If you haven’t seen this episode of House, I’m pretty much not filtering anything here, so beware.  Spoilers are ahead:

What a wacky weird episode that was of House M.D., on Fox, titled “Bombshells.” And boy, there were a few.  We had multiple stories, one mainly concerned with House & Cuddy, with Cuddy being sick, yet the episode still maintained an underlying ‘patient of the week’ story as well, and that was a loaded gun, no pun intended.  And interspersed throughout the episode were dream sequences showing us character’s fears.

House and Cuddy both had their dreams that showed their issues & fears.  It was an odd way to give us an alternate perspective on things, but to be honest, as different as it seemed, it wasn’t a bad change-up from the usual episode presentation.

The two dreams that stood out:

The zombie craze comes to House, but House is secretly an action figure as he not only took the presence of zombies in stride, but was prepared with that multi-use cane of his that took attachments to become different weapons.

The zombie bit was fun, but the last dream sequence, the musical ensemble, seemed to fit right in with Cuddy going under for surgery. Having just been in surgery a few weeks back, I strangely understood this odd-ball musical surgical interlude with House and Cuddy singing.

And if anyone out there is a Mia Michaels fan, you probably recognized the multi-Emmy winner’s style in the choreography of the piece. She certainly does bring a certain edginess to the contemporary form of dancing as she mixes a unique blend of body lines and motions to pull together an emotional story. Though in House, her style did seem a bit filtered with the editing-for-TV result. But hey, if you’re a fan, you probably appreciated what you could get.

Aside from dreams, House finally showed up at her side before her surgery and things went well there, but the stress of it all pushed House in the wrong direction.  Or, it seems he needed to be on it to be a good boyfriend?

Being back on Vicoden, I have to wonder how long this will last. Or if he recovers, since he and Cuddy broke up, will this drive him deeper into that snappy and stern observationalist he can be, making him more distant than before? Or how much farther can they go with this? He started softening up with Cuddy and Wilson yet maintained his edge with everyone else.  Or is this one of those speed-bumps one experiences during their recovery?

I did find the episode a bit fascinating.  Enjoyable and at moments, distracting.  But it presented the crux of the epi, and that was the stress of it all.  At least for me.  I think though, with all the marketing we were presented with over the last week, we weren’t shocked with the dream sequences, and for once, I didn’t mind the marketing.  It gave me something to look forward to.  Though sometimes marketing can screw things up.  For example, over in ABC’s Castle, Beckett and Castle were freezing to death in a refrigeration car as an episode ended, but scenes for the next week showed them alive and well.  Bzzzz.  No drama there… but that’s what I mean by screwed up marketing.

Well, face it, House couldn’t be happy forever, could he?  He wouldn’t be House!  I am starting to wonder what direction they can go and still keep House M.D. fresh? I’m still a fan, but…

Here’s a bit on the House Dance Sequence at TV Guide



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