House, M.D. Season 8 Season Premiere Review

by on September 29, 2011

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The following is a guest post that a friend of was gracious enough to help me out with an early season premiere!

House, M.D. Season Premiere Review
by Trina Morgan

'House' Promo for season 8

I’ve been a big fan of House since it’s started and got to see the season premiere, “Twenty Vicodine”. After what happened at the end of last season, the loss of Lisa Edelstein and rumors of this being the last season, I was curious what was going to happen.

Some spoilers follow, this is your warning!

At the beginning of the episode, House is in front of the patrol board and is offered early release due to budget cuts. Now, I really didn’t expect to see him in prison, but it’s explained during the episode how he ended up there. But for right now, he has to stay out of trouble for five days to be able to get out. We all know that isn’t going to happen.

'House' ep801-20 Vicodin

Odette Annable as prison clinic physician Dr. Jessica Adams

He meets Dr. Adams (Odette Annable (Cloverfield, Breaking In)) who wonders how he got in prison. As we all know, he’s been in trouble before, but never quite (got caught) breaking the law in the past.

We know that the prison is near Princeton-Plainsboro because it’s mentioned in the episode. However, no one has been to visit him or tried contacting him. So, he’s very alone in the world. How he gets his job back later is still a mystery.

Of course, House has to find a cure for a fellow inmate who mysteriously becomes ill. The Doctors at the jail have no clue what is wrong and House, working as a janitor, of course has to say something. But Dr. Adams has looked at his record and knows he’s a brilliant doctor. And she believes in him.

'House' ep801 -

Does it look like House is staying out of trouble?

Hugh Laurie is (as usual) a wonderful actor and, IMO, gets screwed out of an Emmy yearly. Jude Ciccolella (NCIS, 24), is wickedly nasty as the leader of the Nazis (named Meneldson!) gang who provides protection for House in jail. And Dr. Adams is a good foil for House and you can see her working with him in the future.

At the end, House is still in prison, which is truly not a shocker. But there’s more of a feeling of hope for him than we had at the beginning of the episode. And we have no clue what’s coming up next but the journey is going to be worth watching.

“Twenty Vicodine” primeres October 3rd at 9pm on FOX.

Editor’s addition: Check out a sneak peak at a scene from the 2nd episode of season 8 of House, titled “Transplant:”

'House' ep802, titled

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