House M.D. Season Finale Recap & Review

by on May 17, 2010

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Hugh Laurie on HOUSE

The season finale of House M.D. opens with Dr. Gregory House dwelling over some pills but that’s now. Let’s flash back a bit.

8 Hours Earlier

House is giving Cuddy a gift, a book… After that the team is at an accident scene where a crane collapsed on a building. While at the scene House discovers an accident victim who is buried under the rubble.

While dealing with the trapped girl, Hanna, House also actively ponders Cuddy’s impending wedding, all the while dealing with the crane operator he sent to his team at the hospital.

Hugh Laurie, (L) and Lisa Edelstein (R) in HOUSE on Fox

It’s classic House M.D., times 3.

When they try to free Hanna, the crawl space they’re in collapses even further. If you’re even slightly claustrophic, this collapse will hit buttons.

Then House and Cuddy have it out as she calls him out on all his short comings. This helps House treat the trapped woman, convincing her to make the hard decision, to amputate her leg to be freed. This, after realizing the mistakes he’s made, getting him to this hard, angry point in his life.

He comes totally clean with Hanna about how the amputation will go. It’s a completely riveting moment of honesty that you can see between them, especially from House’s eyes. The scene, not graphic, let’s us experience it through the screams of the girl as House cuts through her leg with a saw. In the ambulance, Hanna develops complications from the amputation procedure and dies enroute. House is devastated.

This pushes House to the edge. He heads home for a secret stash of Vicodin. He is moments away from taking that dark dive into his escape and Cuddy walks in. She let’s him know she’s dumped Lucas and that she loves him. Cuddy’s declaration seems to have saved Gregory House from himself.

In the meantime, Thirteen has left House a letter, asking for time off.

This season finale of the 6th season of House M.D. was an emotionally riveting episode. True, bare emotion House. From the trip we experienced with Hanna’s ordeal to her end, House’s raw emotional awareness of how everyone walks on eggshells around him, to the hammer that hits home when his stubborn approach to try to help Hanna keep her leg probably contributed to her death.

How this event will impact House in the upcoming 7th season of House M.D. is anyone’s guess. And how does he treat Cuddy now? Does he act human with her, or do his spiteful, sharp edged observations cut even deeper now? Will he be a good step-father? Yea, if this Cuddy thing go forward, there’s a whole new level of keen, observational material for Gregory House to take cracks at.

As far as I’m concerned, this was an exceptional season finale.

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