HOUSE Series Finale Retrospect

by on May 21, 2012

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HOUSE series finale review - Hugh Laurie pictured

The double-episode series finale to House started out with Hugh Laurie talking in the background, in his native accent, while we’re watching what we thought was House riding his motorcycle in… but it wasn’t him. This first part/hour of the series finale is a focus on the people behind the scenes of the series. It was an incredible homage to the team behind the show.

It was a bit unreal to see some of the scenes from eight years ago and everyone from the cast looking so young. (What was up with that clown that kept showing up in the background? Some demon maybe? He was never explained.)

Omar Epps and Hugh Laurie in HOUSE M.D. series finale

Regardless, it bordered on sad seeing some of the recaps and hearing the cast and crew talk about memories. Memories that will no longer be made, after this last episode, the series finale.

After this, “Everybody Dies” started the last hour of this two-hour event.

You do realize that HOUSE SPOILERS are about to be spread about, so if you DVR’d it or plan on some quality, time-shifted viewing, well, you’ve been warned.

The final episode was a mind-bending and obscure approach to the final moments of the series, as it starts out with House in the middle of a fire. A fire we don’t know of whence it started. But did you expect anything different for the final episode?

During the fire, House finds himself talking to a host of past characters as they question his apparent desire to die. We flip back and forth between the fire and his patient from earlier in the day. (Jennifer Morrison, Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Amber Tamblyn & Sela Ward all made appearances in the episode at one point or another.)

And suddenly, in a single moment, House realizes he can change his attitude and not be so selfish. That he can live on. But fate has another plan for him. As he gets up to leave the burning building, it collapses down around him and explodes.

The episode ends with character eulogies for Gregory House… and how he taught them to love, be better parents, better people. But Wilson sums it up… “House was an ass.” The perfect eulogy. And then his phone chimes in with a text, “Shut up you idiot.”

Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie in HOOUSE series finale

It seems that Gregory managed to slip out the back and figures out where House is at the moment. Wilson asks what is he going to do? House asks Wilson, “You’re dying. What do you want to do for the next five months?”

We watch everyone sorting out their lives beyond the era of House. Chase is in charge, everyone else is getting on OK.

We see Wilson and House on motorcycles:

Wilson: “When the cancer gets real bad.”

House: “Cancer is boring.”

And as it was stated in the previous episode, as House was to Sherlock Holmes, as Wilson was to Dr. Watson, the two of them ride off.

What felt like a show that had felt like it had become long-in-the-tooth, was closer to our hearts than we imagined as the final episode arrived, to draw the curtains one last time on what had become a favored series of many.

What a strange and emotional series finale for House. It managed to pull on a range of emotions, from confusion, to frustration, to sadness and more confusion? I can’t decide how I feel about the ending of the series, but I have to say, it seems appropriate for the show.

And now, a gap in our viewing schedule has just become reality, as BruSimm says thank you and goodbye to the series.

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