How Are ‘Puss in Boots’ & ‘Rum Diary’ and ‘In Time’ Reviews?

by on October 28, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsAre you wondering about how the movie reviews are coming along for the new movies this week like Puss in Boots, Rum Diary and In Time looking?

Tooling around the internet, I think I’ve finally found a few folks whom I trust in their reviews…  so when I go looking at generic sites that compile reviews, I at least have a foothold of an idea if the aggregate is correct (for me) or not.  I’ve been fooled before with the aggregate numbers and since my go-to movie reviewer that I trusted stopped reviewing movies every week, I’ve been left out in the cold so to speak.

For me, it’s not just their score because scores can be based on things I don’t look at.  I once read a review on a animated film that criticized the lack of character development between cartoon sequels.  I get the observation, but that’s not what I’m always about when I hit up a movie.  So I needed to find folks that seemed to come from where I come from.  More or less.

After comparing 12 of my reviews against a myriad of other movie reviewers, I think I feel comfortable looking at what a select few might have to say about a movie and making the judgement call on if I want to go spend the bucks to go see a movie or not.

They don’t agree all the time with my opinion, but they agree more often than other reviewers do, and it’s not just score I’m looking at, but how they approach what a movie is.

They are

Roger Moore from the Orlando Sentinel
Tom Long, with the Detroit News
MaryAnn Johanson at Flick Filosopher
Norman Wilner at the Toronto Now.

Sorry… back on track…

Now heading over to Movie Intelligence Review, I started looking at their numbers:

Puss In Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas: (69% positive reviews across the board)

Roger Moore called it outstanding.

The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp: (57% pos.)

Roger Moore, & Norman Wilner say it was good, but not great.

Tom Long called it weak.

Oh great…  now I have a conflict of my own guys!

In Time, starring Justin Timberlake (53%)

Again both Tom Long & Roger Moore thought it was good, but not a great movie

Anonymous with Rhys Ifans (48%) isn’t feeling the overall critic love, though both Tom Long and Roger Moore called it very good.  But Maryann Johanson said it was poor.

If you live in New York or Los Angeles, the limited released movie of Like Crazy seems to be a hit! (80%)

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