How Is Everyone Liking Pee Wee Herman in THE BLACKLIST

by on October 14, 2014

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Paul Reubens in The Blacklist

If you watch The Blacklist, you might have seen someone who looks hauntingly familiar, who is an associate of Reddington. Yep, that is Paul Reubens.

Paul Reubens is the last person I would have ever expected to see cross through the plot lines of NBC’s The Blacklist, and he’s playing a pretty cool role. For him.

Ruebens has had an interesting past, to say the least.

Having portrayed his creation, Pee Wee Herman for years, then taking a break, getting snagged for indecent exposure in an adult movie theater in Florida, then appearances in Mystery Men and Blow. Of late, he’s made appearances on Reno 911, 30 Rock and Pushing Daisies and a myriad of other projects, some of which includes voice work.

But to see him in this new role, almost feels like he’s found his acting niche. He’s not playing a huge part, but it is an integral piece to some aspects of the story, being an associate of Raymond Reddington.

Reubens plays Mr. Vargas on The Blacklist.

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