How To Center Images in Feedburner Newsletters

by on April 15, 2013

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I’m sure there are a ton of you out there that continually scratch your head as to why your images never show up centered in your email newsletters from Feedburner?

Up until recently, so did I. I’d fire off a post, everything is good, but then in the email newsletter, the images were always left-justified and the following lines were stuffed to the bottom right of the image(s) in question.

Well, I tried something and I figured out how to get the images to be delivered in the Feedburner newsletter centered!

What I used to do when crafting my messages in my blog was just put the cursor at the beginning of the line, then when I inserted images, I’d tell the insert process to center it.

Sure enough, in editorial and published mode, images looked centered. but the next morning, reviewing my newsletter, meh. There’s the picture, crammed up against the left side of the newsletter, and the next sentence, spewing forth from its lower right corner. Grr.

But now, that no longer happens.

What I did to Fix the Image Centering Problem

  • I would put my cursor at the beginning of the line where I’d want to insert the image.
  • Hit return;
  • Then moved my cursor back up to the blank line I just created;
  • Hit the format button for “centered” and;
  • Where my cursor would now by blinking madly at me from the center of the empty line, I’d then insert the image, also with the ‘center’ format option chosen, and wallah!

Now my email newsletter images show up centered.

It seems to be a simple enough work-around… just not sure why I didn’t try it sooner!

“green spammers have and legs!” (This is a test print…)

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Bruce Simmons December 5, 2013 at 10:30 am

Your welcome Suzanne… glad I could help! Now… the real trick… is making that fix a habit. Every now and then I still forget.

Suzanne December 5, 2013 at 4:40 am

Brilliance! Thank you so much for this easy fix! I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and thought I was just stuck with left-justified photos in my emailed posts. Each time I received my sample after I posted, I would get frustrated, many times trying this and that to fix it. I found your site this week – and voila! Perfecto! Thank you ever so much! Centered photos!

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