How To Fix The Power/Lock Button That Isn’t Working

by on May 30, 2013

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Fixing the power/lock button on my Motorola RAZRSo the power/lock button seemed to stop working on my Motorola RAZR.  But I found out how to fix it.

The other day my wife’s Verizon Wireless Motorola RAZR’s power/lock button stopped working.  The phone screen was black and we could not wake it up.  I thought the battery had died.

But when we plugged it in, the screen would light up and we could use the phone.  The battery was at 80%, so it wasn’t a dead battery.

And even though the phone was black, if a phone call came in, we could still answer it, so all was OK in that regards.  But that’s not an optimal state for the phone to be in.

So how did I fix the blank screen, non-responsive power/lock button?

The phone just needed to be rebooted to get back to normal.  (It was acting like a Windows machine!  HA!)

To fix it:

What worked for me was that I held down the power/lock screen button AND the volume down button for approximately one minute, then released them.

When I released the buttons, the phone went into a reboot process and returned to us, back to normal.  (It had been up and running for 127 hours straight.  I don’t think that was the issue, but it was something I had noted when tooling around the settings screens.)

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