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by on February 28, 2012

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Twitter LogoI just caught a piece on how to get more Twitter followers and they point to a study that involved 40k+ tweets with 1.4k+ users to determine WHAT NOT TO TWEET.

And it seems that I’m in the majority and agree with all of these items to not send out on Twitter:

  • Cryptic tweets
  • Repeating old news
  • Using too many # and @ signs
  • Just links without commentary
  • Boring tweets

I hate the tweets that say, “This looks great:” and just a link. I’m not sure what constitutes old news. I might be guilty of that. I also detest, though they might work, titles like “Must Watch.” Give me a break! According to who?

Twitter Hashtag SymbolsI only use # signs when others do, as in, a structured plan. I’ve never taken to the ‘@’ signs to well either… on Twitter or other venues like the others have done. If you check it out, the # (hash) sign is an antiquated fad that is no longer needed on Twitter. (Though it still has it’s uses.) As I’m writing this, of the trending subjects, only 3 of the top 9 trends have hash marks.

Links without commentary… Don’t ever send me those… I auto spam them in Twitter.

Hmm, boring tweets could be anything, because one man’s treasure could be another man’s boredom. Like when I get excited about something in my Google Skymaps on my smartphone… and my wife, well, isn’t interested in what spins me up.

But what they do recommend is when retweeting, add your own commentary… I do that by preceding the RT most of the time. I know that the Twitter web interface won’t let you do that, but you can use other tools like HootSuite, Tweetdeck or any of the other tools and they let you add to RT’s.

In a survey where they asked those same 1,400 users what they liked, they said they like tweets that

  • have an interesting perspective on something they know nothing about
  • That make you want to know more.
  • Are witty and snarky.
  • That have few words but tend to say something very clearly.
  • That are personal, honest, and transparent.

I think they also left out, good or lucky timing. I’ve been lucky enough in the past to be engaged a few times by Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, NASCAR, a few personalities and what not. That can get fun, aka, exciting, but don’t usually amount to much beyond the moment. It seems to only net a new follower or two. But you can’t depend or try for that. It’s really about focused basics that people will pick up on without feeling contrived.

But that’s the basics of it. There’s more to read at the source article if you’re interested….


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