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by on May 28, 2017

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Beat Facebook Top News with FB PurityI’m sure you have noticed of late how Facebook has been forcing your feed to always be in the “Top Stories” mode, no matter how many times you set your feed back to your preferred mode of “Most Recent.” (In one hour, just to be stubborn about it, I had hit ‘Home,’ and then ‘Most Recent’ at least fifteen times.) Hence, why I was driven to start using ‘FB Purity‘ on all my lap & desktops.

My guess is that since they force our Facebook phone app to always be in ‘Top Stories’ mode, that they can force it on us on our laptops. I say force, because if you ever go to the lengths they make it to set your feed to ‘Most Recent’ in the phone app, the app’s usefulness is capped off so you don’t want to stay in it.

Recently I sent a message out on my page suggesting that users type over and over,

Give me Most Recent back @Facebook.

That was in the hopes it would catch on and if enough people started tagging the Facebook page with the ‘@’ that they might get the message. Or not.

But regardless, where Facebook does respond to commentary about this ‘Top Advertising’… I mean ‘Top Stories’ mode, they keep telling users that they can customize their ‘Top Stories’ feed to see things they want. But the thing is, most users are simply saying that we want our own feed to be set back to what WE set it to, which is ‘Most Recent.’ It seems pretty clear, but obviously Facebook has some other advertising agenda that is associated with their user base being exposed to ‘Top Stories.’

It’s getting to the point that I’ve been seriously re-examining going over to Google Plus full-time and simply unliking everything on Facebook and moving on, because the way it is, it’s more annoying than communicative for me.

But then a friend told me about the “F.B. Purity” FB page and app. And boy, is it a sanity saver.

When he told me about the app, I looked it over.

‘FB Purity,’ originally called Facebook Purity, has been around since around 2009, but during 2012, the creator and links to his app were blocked by FB, where FB was declaring that the app violated their Terms of Service “agreement.” FB then started setting up messages that said the link could lead to an unsafe app.

But subsequent website scanning tools and various organizations have dispelled the errant warning messages from Facebook about the site.

Later Facebook objected to the original name, and the creator gave them that, and subsequently changed it to today’s name, ‘Fluff Busting Purity,’ or ‘FB Purity.’

Since 2012, folks have been thinking the app is doomed, but as you can see, today, it’s still going strong.

This was not a blind suggestion from my friend. He’s not one of those that just clicks things and shares them without testing something out for a period of time. Since I completely trust the friend who pointed this out to me, I went ahead and installed ‘FB Purity.’ The process is so simple, you could almost do it blindfolded. Except, I think, trying this blindfolded might not net you the correct results!

Add The FB Purity Extension To Your Browser

  • -Go to their website, or their FB page,
  • -Click ‘Install’ on the blue bar below their header image. The process also asks that you like their page. Then again why wouldn’t you?
  • -It adds the extension to the web browser you’re using.
  • -The next time you start Facebook, a ‘new user’ splash page and extension options popup shows up, allowing you to see the options page. (HOLY CRAP, there are a million options)
  • -IMPORTANT: In that first page of options in the right column, there’s the option to click on that allows your feed to show up as ‘Most Recent.’ That’s the golden gem option right there.
  • -At this point, you can click done (Or whatever the finish button looks like) and move on. Then an FBP link will show up on your Facebook blue control bar next your Profile and ‘Home’ links.

There are a ton of other options that you will probably like, and from what I can tell, the options you get to pick and choose are actually real options you can set up via Facebook, IF YOU CAN EVER FIND THEM!

Case in point, a few years ago I learned how to block my friends from seeing what FB Pages I like. And that option and a few others were already picked for me in FBP.

They have other option too, like turning off those crap colored status updates that FB has now made available, so you aren’t inundated with a spectrum of colors from your friends posts. Unless you like them… but just saying, they really work hard at making this one of the most useful browser extensions I’ve ever seen.

(Open the FBP options screen, [the FBP link in the bar along the top of the page],

  • -Click the “Status/Wall Stories” heading in the left column,
  • -Tick the Hide “Coloured Statuses” option,
  • -Click the “Save & Close” button at the bottom of the FBP options screen.

Wallah! No nore colored backgrounds.)

I’ve installed FPB on my laptop (Firefox) and Chromebook (Chrome) and it seems to operate the same between both systems.

The only downside, at this point in time is that there is no Android version. That would have been perfect, but hey, why look the gift horse in the mouth as it is because instead of switching to Google Plus, I can stay with Facebook, with MY FEED, the way I WANT it. Not the way they want to force it down our throats, like they do on our phone apps.

And to be honest, I’m surprised they don’t have more likes on the page, (340k+), but considering all it does for FB users that Facebook itself won’t do, they deserve a nod and a ton more fans.

And if you’re of the mind, considering how much sanity they create using FB again, it might be worth a buck or two to click their donate button on their website, just to say thanks!!! If we make it worth their while, they’ll be able to keep maintaining the ‘FBP’ app.
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Post image via FBP’s Facebook page.

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