How To Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Data With Facebook

by on August 26, 2016

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Whatsapp Disses on Your Privacy

WhatsApp And Facebook are now sharing data, ticking off their users, after WhatsApp has announced they’ll be sharing your data with Facebook. This is a little rundown on what they’re doing and how to opt out if you want to. If you want to cut to the chase, just page on down, you’ll see it.

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It was announced that WhatsApp updated their terms and privacy policies for the first time in four years (That was their spin on it.)

What they were apprising their millions of users of was that they’ve joined Facebook, with FB now their parent company. They also announced that they are looking to use your phone calls and text messages to keep you up to date on various factions of your life. Which is reflective of what FB has suggested it could do now. But now WhatsApp will now be sharing your phone number with FB to help FB ” offer better friend suggestions and show you more relevant ads,” because we all know how much we’d love to see better ads in our already “sponsor-filled” feeds.

But this announcement has yet again frustrated millions of users of WhatsApp and Facebook. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp a few years ago, they said that they would not use any of the 1 billion WhatsApp users data.

And everyone believed them. But apparently, like Facebook has done in the past, they will be using the data from WhatsApp. I mean, they do own it now, so they can do what they want, right?

Which is nothing new for Facebook. (I swear, it’s Skynet in its infancy.)

They say all this data will help them make better friend suggestions on top of the improved advertising. To be honest, I am friends with who I want to be, not who FB tells or suggests to me, but that’s just me.

As Gizmodo puts it, “The sentiment that WhatsApp is an app that protects and cares for your privacy is no longer a reality. It was nice while it lasted.”

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Opting Out Of Sharing WhatsApp Data

But there are ways to get around this, or, opt-out of WhatsApp data sharing, as it is.

When you launch WhatsApp for the first time since their policy update, you’ll see the updated Terms of Service. If you don’t blindly charge through that, at the bottom of the screen there’s a checkbox you can uncheck, then you can tap the “Agree” ooption. This will prevent WhatsApp from sharing your data.

If you already blazed through the agreement without opting out there, you can always

Open the app,

Go to settings,

Go to Account,

Uncheck the box that says “Share my account info.”

At least, at this point in time, there’s no private data being shared between the two entities. For now. But as you can see, things can always change.

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