How Will Marvel Handle The Avengers, After Dropping Edward Norton?

by on July 10, 2010

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The Avengers: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man

The Avengers: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man

We’ve possibly all heard by now just how nit-picky Edward Norton can be in his movie projects.  He can be a handful.  If I remember correctly, didn’t he insist on doing rewrites of the script for The Incredible Hulk?  But then, didn’t the Hulk-centric rewrite do OK?  It made roughly $254M worldwide.

It seems though, that Marvel Studios, in what looks like intolerance for his past behavior, has dropped Edward Norton from The Avengers movie and is looking to recast Bruce Banner, aka, The Hulk.

As surmised by Neil Miller over on Film School Rejects, (a) he wants more money than they’re willing to pay or b) The Hulk’s role in the Avengers film is so small that it wouldn’t be worth the money.

Neil goes on to point out that continuity has less of a hold on for Marvel than the idea of business does.  He points to Terrence Howard as an example, and it seems we can now add Edward Norton to the fray of discarded actors.

I understand the continuity concerns.  If one day, fans sit down to a mega-marathon of DVD watching of all the Marvel movies that then will culminate into The Avengers movie, we’ll be seeing different people cast for the same role across the venue.

Marvel sends the message that they need to save their money (Howard reportedly cost more than Downey did) and look to their end product.  Most of the heavy hitters from the franchise have been locked in for a 9-picture deal.

In the end, I can’t wait for The Avengers.  It will be the next time we see Iron Man on-screen.  Though on principal, I don’t appreciate actors being tossed from roles that should require continuity, I think in the end, our anticipation will end up running over any issues of who plays who.  We seemed to get over the Howard / Cheadle swap pretty easily.  Then again, we had a long time to get ready for it, much like we do now, with Norton.

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