HUGE Conjecture: Is Brad Bird Directing Star Wars: Episode 7?

by on November 2, 2012

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Star Wars Episode 7 movie news

Why do I think that Brad Bird will be directing Star Wars: Episode 7 ? Let me walk you through my thought processes on this one. (And if I’m correct, this is huge and Deadline had the scoop they didn’t know they had then.) (UPDATE: As of 11/9/12, news is that Michael Arndt has been hired to write the script. That and George Clooney is in talks for this project. It might seem that this conjecture is in the wind.)

This week: Disney bought LucasFilm and everything that goes with it. (That includes Star Wars) In the same breath of that announcement, Disney announced Star Wars: Episode 7 and said it will be out in 2015. (That should give The Avengers 2 a run for its money, not to mention help Disney’s bottom line in 2015.)

Now I wonder if they already have a writer and director set up for Episode 7? To be honest, if it’s coming out in 2015, they either have to scramble fast or they already have something set up as far as scripts, director, etc. Right?

Anyone who has been involved in something like this knows that a deal of this magnitude doesn’t come together overnight, and my guess is that this Disney purchase and new movie development have both been in secret development for a while.

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With that said…

Walt Disney buys LucasFilms and Star Wars franchise

Let’s go back in time to May of this year, Deadline reported that Disney snagged Brad Bird to direct a secret code-named project whose script was written by Damon Lindelof.

Bird’s resume includes Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Toy Story 3, Up, Ratatouille and more.

Lindelof’s resume includes Prometheus, Cowboys & Aliens, Super 8 & J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

Deadline noted that that these two have been pulled together to work on a secret project referred to as 1952. They referred to it as a big-scale tentpole movie with multi-platform aspirations and that production will start in 2013.

Hmm… and that sound I keep hearing is a wheel or two turning in my brain.

Flash back to present time and I am now wondering if we just saw all this come to realization…

That Brad Bird will be directing Star Wars: Episode 7. And that Damon Lindelof wrote that script. The clues seem to add up. The time frames look good to me. This is my educated guess.

Now, all we have to do is sit and wait, because like I always say, Time is the telling factor in all things unknown by the movie consumer.

What do you think? Am I on to something? I really think so, otherwise, I tend to hate conjecture fantasy pieces. This consumer does his research and I think I’ve hit some nail on the head. But is it the Star Wars: Episode 7 nail? (Or it could be the sequel to John Carter! HA, just fooling.)

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