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Check out this collective of huge spoilers for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, a renewal bit for The Leftovers and a little description for season two of Syfy’s Helix.

Batman V Superman HUGE SPOILERS

Two websites are spouting out some pretty solid spoilers about the story of the film, Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice.

So know that these are probably HUGE spoilers….

Two sites are talking about news and observations from various sources, including movie extras.

First up is that the film starts out taking place during and right after events of Man of Steel. Also that Lex is collecting pieces of the World Engine and has the body of Zod, all in the hopes of creating kyryptonite.

Also at the end of the movie Batman is breaking into LexCorp to get himself some kryptonite.

First up, what the heck? Aren’t cast members apprised to keep their mouth shut about story lines?

Also, I like to take most spoilers as rumors and a grain of salt is applied.

[ geektyrant, badassdigest.]

HBO has renewed The Leftovers for a second season.

Meh… I haven’t gone out of my way to watch it, but have caught several episodes and find it nothing more than a soap opera of trauma, with very little to do with the event that took place in the first episode.

Me? I think that everyone on the show is dead for whatever reason. Sort of like the characters in Lost.

Just thinking out loud.

Syfy’s Helix

Have you seen the second season description for Helix? Now you have…

The second season of Helix finds the doctors of the Centers for Disease Control, still haunted by the Narvik outbreak and the events that took place in Arctic Biosystems, investigating a deadly outbreak of a new disease on a Windjammer cruise ship. Their investigation leads them to a mysterious island inhabited by a cult with the hope of creating a utopian society.

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