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Human Target WonderCon 2010 Panel

During last weekend’s outing in San Francisco at WonderCon 2010, one of the more interesting panels (to me) was the Human Target panel, which consisted of showrunner Jonathan Steinberg, Mark Valley (who plays Christopher Chance) and Jackie Earle Haley (who plays Guerrero) (Not present was Chi McBride who plays Winston)

During the panel, Steinberg indicated that the network likes the show and that despite the ratings, Fox is aware of the challenges they had at the front end of the season when they were jostled by NFL schedules, American Idol schedules and even the President’s State of the Union telecast.

Through it all, they’ve managed to pull up their ratings numbers and in the week ending on April 4th, Human Target squeaked into the top-25 network ratings for all ages with 8.2 million viewers, but doesn’t crack the top-25 in the advertisers specialty spending group of 18-49. The week before, they did pull in 8.2 million viewers in that category, and before that 8.7 million in total viewers.

Mark Valley stars in Human Target

I think the show is just starting to get its feet under it. At first we were treated to a few of Christopher Chance’s cases, and through each episode, we learned something new about one of the characters. To me, that’s the most entertaining way to experience a show and it’s a mature story-telling process. As you know, I hate shows that shove all details about all characters down your throat in one or two episodes. Then we have nothing new to learn or to look forward to! With Human Target, we’ve been dabbled pieces of motivation or character history and I know that future episodes will have more.

Yet TV By The Numbers puts Human Target on their renewal bubble. I believe that is because the show hasn’t tripped the magic sponsor category of the 18-49 group of our TV watching society on a consistent basis. I think given time, it can. Sure, it’s not quite the Human Target we were expecting from the comic, but it’s a great bodyguard story, plain and simple, with some great cast behind it.

At WonderCon Steinberg said he’s heard good things in reference to a renewal. I hope he’s just not towing the line, I’d love to see it come back for a 2nd season, with a more steady time slot to see just how it can perform.

Believe it or not, despite Fox showing the season finale on 2 different occasions at WonderCon 2010, I avoided them. I like the show enough that I don’t want to be spoiled, and I can experience it with you, the viewers. As far as news on this season, Human Target is going to end on a wee bit of a cliffhanger but the showrunner understands that cliffhangers don’t mean a show is getting renewed. (Anyone remember that Vegas debacle?)

As far as a 2nd season (god willing) goes, Steinberg has plans. He wants to enlarge the core cast a bit and dig more into the past of the characters. BTW: The season finale gives us some good backstory of our crew… (From what I’ve heard!!!) and stars Lee Majors. That’s cool. Haven’t seen him in a while and I have fond memories of Col. Steve Austin!

I also think it was great that these folks came out to WonderCon 2010.

Jackie Earle Haley stars in Human Target

I’m putting this article to bed while I’m watching tonight’s episode of Human Target, “Victoria.” In Victoria, Christopher Chance finds himself protecting Princess Victoria (Christina Cole) of the British Royal family from her jealous husband. We also found out that Guerrero hates those new fangled talking GPS units!

Cinema Static wants to send out a great big thanks to Mel from WarnerBros TV!

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Bryant April 9, 2010 at 7:06 am

This is a great show! I will be truly distressed if it’s not renewed!!! There is no other characters or shows like this on TV. We need it bad!!!
Chance is character is a great hero for us to cheer for. He reminds me of a mix between, Jason Bourne, James bond, Million Dollar Man, Indiana Jones and Han Solo. It’s a great mix, a great Character!! It’s great writing, great acting and has something for everyone!
The only negative comments I’ve heard about this show are from people who have no idea what it takes to combine a complicated script and squish it into a short made for tv show. This isn’t the movies, can’t expect the same detail!
If they don’t renew this show I’ll puke!!!

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