Human Target Season 2 Premiere Starring Mark Valley – Review and Observations

by on November 17, 2010

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HUMAN TARGET: Chance's (Mark Valley, L) daily meditation is interrupted by Ilsa Pucci in the HUMAN TARGET Season Two premiere episode

At the season finale of season 1, Winston was abducted. In the Nov 17th season 2 premiere of Human Target, titled “Ilsa Pucci”, that situation is remedied rather quickly in the teaser opener. And immediately upon rescuing Winston, Chance disappears to a meditative retreat in Nepal.

Human Target starring Mark Valley

His newest client shows up in Nepal after tracking him down, she needs his protection and he returns to San Francisco and the team reassembles to protect their new asset. But this time around in Human Target, Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is more focused, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) seems even more cold & calculating & Winston (Chi McBride) is just still Winston!

The new client in this episode is Ilsa Pucci, played by Indira Varma (HBO’s Rome) and a new player in the show is Ames, played by the devilish and lovely Janet Montgomery (HBO’s Entourage).

After all is said and done and Mrs. Pucci is rescued, she offers to bank-roll Chance and his team and as the series progresses, you’ll see that Ames becomes a part of the scenery also.


In the end, Pucci has their office redecorated and Winston thinks they need to have fewer windows. Chance says no, he’s done hiding. He’s here for everyone to find. The scene ends with someone looking through the scope of a sniper rifle and the scene goes dark as he takes the shot with Chance in the cross-hairs.

Human Target w Mark Valley

I like the tone of the show this go around, with the team a bit more focused and the banter not quite as prevalent as last season. We see that, as Pucci noted, Chance is doing things to redeem events from his past. Ames is very worshipy of Guerrero and wants him to take her under his wing.

I’m a bit worried yet happy that there are two new team members in the show.

I’m worried because any show that has had female characters added in later seasons are eye-candy puppets to help with ratings. This means the ratings are in a gray zone. But the fact that Fox added characters to try and improve ratings feels like they’re trying to invest in the show and help it continue on in its legacy. Plus with Fox moving the show from Friday’s to Wednesdays… it sounds like there might be some change in the winds. Especially since Fox also ordered two more episodes of the show back in October.

With this new focus the characters seem to have, more laser-like, I have to wonder if they’re returning a little bit towards the comic book they’ve adapted the show name from? Chance did stick Lucci out there hoping the killer would come after her. Thought in the comic, Chance took the target’s place and drew the danger to himself.

We’ll see. I think Human Target is better this go-around and I hope it maintains that momentum. We’ll see how the ratings pan out for the show over the season!


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