‘Hunger Games’ Midnight Showings Set (Another) Record

by on March 23, 2012

in Entertainment

THR is reporting that The Hunger Games destroyed more box office records…

  • It had the best midnight gross for a nonsequel…  Ever.
  • Overall, was the seventh highest midnight gross, period.

It pulled in just under $20 million at the ticket window.

This was from only being in around two-thousand, five-hundred theaters.  Starting Friday, it will be in just over four-thousand theaters nationwide!

My prediction is that non-fans will be a bit confounded by the movie since there are voids of info that seemed a bit critical for some character interactions… but fans who have read the books, will more or less, be pretty pleased with The Hunger Games, as they’ll know what’s up in the background.

It looks like the movie was more for the book fans than movie fans, but that’s cool.  Though I’m hoping that director Gary Ross will flesh more information out about some of the characters in the inevitable sequels!

[The Hunger Games movie review]


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