‘Husk’ on Syfy, A TV Movie Review

by on February 5, 2011

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Husk on the Syfy Channel is a movie that is a notch above the rest of the movies Syfy puts put for the collection of Original Movies.  This is not an original movie, but for Syfy, this was a wonderful change of pace.

Husk movie poster

The 2010 movie Husk aired on the Syfy Channel.  The preview teaser ads looks pretty good actually, so I was more interested than normal to watch it.  In Husk, the terror lives in the corn field with scarecrows  and corn husks.

Husk starts out with five young friends on a road trip when they hit a few crows with their truck and the driver over-reacted and drove them off into a ditch, next to a huge corn field.

When everyone everyone came to, a passenger, Johnny, was missing.  They spot a house deep in the corn field and two of the characters, the jock and the chess player, head off to check it out because they need a phone to call for a tow truck.

Of course this leaves two at the truck, but then Natalie (Tammin Sursok) has to run off by herself to go find her boyfriend, Brian (Wes Chatham).

The movie’s pace is well tempered as the problem monsters, possessed or demon scarecrows, slowly make their presence known.  But once we know they’re there, the scarecrow seems to be quick and faceless for they have sacks for (or over their) heads.

In the spirit (no pun) of trying to dodge spoilers, I can’t say much more but events are explained, there are no distracting gaps in the plot and the action is well edited.

Husk comes from After Dark Films (Captivity, Wicked Little Things, The Gravedancers) is written and directed by Brett Simmons.  It’s not a bad movie in the realm of Syfy Channel movies is concerned.  Not bad at all!

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