I Lost My Charlie Brown Christmas Opportunity! Unless I Want To Pay For It

by on December 20, 2012

in Entertainment

A Charlie Brown ChristmasThe other day my wife and I were debating what to watch. One of those options was A Charlie Brown Christmas. Man, what a classic. But I knew that my wife sort of wanted to watch something else, so in my head, I was thinking,

Sure, let’s watch what she wants. Because with all the holiday fare on my Comcast On Demand menu, how can it not be there.

It seemed like reasonable logic at the time, though a bit uninformed.

We watched our other show and skipped the TV presentation of Charlie Brown. The next evening, I hit up my On Demand menus to find the show.

First up, nothing is under holiday or Christmas on the primary menu at this stage of the season. It’s under “Top Picks.” There you can find all sorts of holiday fare. Then I had to sort out which menu heading or sub-heading I might find it under.

Yes, this wasn’t easy because it wasn’t in the spots that I intuitively guessed it would be in.

After some digital stabbing with my remote shovel and digging around the options, I finally found it. But alas, it was not to be, because on principle, I will not pay $3 to watch a show that just aired for “free” on my Comcast cable broadcast the night before.

Nope… not gonna do it.

And that was somewhat disappointing, to find that I would have to pay to rent A Charlie Brown Christmas. Maybe it’s on Netflix or Amazon Prime for free. I have to go check on that! But for now, my holiday disappointment looks like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

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