I Want A Job Predicting Weather!

by on September 29, 2011

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Thoughts on Brusimm logo - Opinion on News and Current EventsI want to be a weatherman! From the outside, looking in, they have it pretty dang easy! They never need to be right. They just need to make you feel like they might be close to right!

They tell me it’s going to be warm, then it’s cold. They tell me it will be cold, but then it’s warm! Heck, they can’t even agree on what my weather will be tomorrow. Weather.com and AccuWeather seem to never agree. In fact they’ve been pretty consistent in being 5 to 7 degrees apart for most weeks. At least over this last summer.

But I do have issues with and don’t trust AccuWeather. They’ve shown me that it’s clear out while I’m being rained on, and I’ve been told it’s raining on me while I’m in bright blue sunlight.

What prompted this was the fact that today I was a big, red-lettered weather advisory for my area today.

Here’s how it started out:

We had a weather advisory for Nor Cal:

… Early season rain expected next week across northern California…
… Much cooler weather on the way…

Yep, Nor Cal has been warned it’s going to get cooler.

I am both venting and having fun with the weather. Have you ever noticed that no matter what the weather is, your local weather forecaster is always saying when it will warm up or cool down. I am not sure I’ve ever heard them say it will be perfect out.

But to give them kudos, the process behind predicting weather is vodoo math at best. You have take into account years of historical numbers and join them into something of what you see coming down the pipe.

It’s pretty trippy stuff, that’s for sure.

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