I’m Getting Bummed… ‘Green Lantern’ Reviews Seem Flat

by on June 16, 2011

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I’ve been looking around at the early reviews of the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds that’s coming out this Friday.

Ryan Reynolds in GREEN LANTERN panel P401699

One of the first reviews that came out spent about 125 – 150 words to say it was not exceptional.  Then others were popping up saying they were disappointed.

But on the bright side I’ve seen bits about there’s plenty of action and the 1st and 3rd acts to tie in together…  which makes me wonder.

But I’ve also seen non-critics, non-reviewers who are just fans of the franchise who have said they enjoy what they’ve seen.

I have one peer that says he doesn’t care who doesn’t like it as long as he does.   He’s a little short sighted and when I jabbed him about potential sequels, he didn’t seem to care.  He’s not focused on sequels…  eh…  it just shows the variety of movie-goers that are out there.  Me, I like things lasting as long as the can and I hope for multiple sequels.  (Done right that is.)

I think that though the general audience may not be pulled into the premise of this movie and that might hurt the box office bottom line, I’m hoping that the general fan will at least enjoy their Green Lantern movie experience.

I think there will be a big split.  Fans  will love it and general movie-goers won’t warm up to Green Lantern.  We can hope.

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