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by on November 9, 2011

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Imagine It DVD ReviewDVD Review: Imagine It is a documentary on bringing together science, engineering and education. It’s about creating a better life for the future of our kids. And by doing so by engaging and getting kids interested in the sciences.

The primary message that I took away from the DVD is that change is coming to our planet, and what can be done by engaging change rather than letting it happen. In other words, controlling it. Taking control is what will engage the future of our species and Imagine It looks at how to engage the younger generation in the premise of science and engineering aspects of life. Things that can help control our planet’s future.

Once that premise got in my head, that’s how I saw this documentary from that point on. So I sort of apologize ahead of time for that bias.

Imagine It is an informative and quick DVD that can be an incredible interactive experience, a conversation starter, that a family can watch together. The conversation has to start somewhere, right?

But more importantly, aside from my focus on the planet, the important thing to take away from this DVD is addressing the global challenge of how we can bring science to the young masses.

The DVD had me wondering… Leaving a family legacy is one thing, but leaving a planet’s legacy for those future legacies seems to make a lot of sense. Doesn’t it? Otherwise, what’s the point?

Our host for this documentary is Iliza Shlesinger. She connects/introduces the different sections of the documentary.

The narrative is delivered by a combination of adults and children. Professors, scientists, company CEO’s touching on fascinating observations. We hear from young adults, high school students and a few younger, more enlightened youth who seem to already have a keen focus on our planet.

Face it gang, we’re listening to young children, who’s idealistic perceptions point out how stupid it is that we seem to be polluting our own planet. Sure, idealistic. But not unrealistic. Every good idea comes from some ideal, doesn’t it?

Imagine It websiteVarious aspects touched on include why we don’t stop polluting, the 4 stages of ideas, the motivations of the X-Prize competition, the challenges of adding this kind of thinking to the educational system and so on.

Did you know that 1/2 the world’s population is under 25. That’s 3 billion humans under the age of 25 who can be motivated into how to look at protecting our planet. It’s information like that that viewers are presented with.

This DVD and project are supported from organizations like:

  • Intel;
  • National Academy of Engineering;
  • MIT; Pixar Animation Studios;
  • Stanford University;
  • the X PRIZE Foundation and
  • many many more.

This DVD delivers a great message and can be used to get the conversation started within the family. In fact, I want to help start that conversation!

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