Interested In Tracking Endeavor Space Shuttle Over The Bay Area? #SpotTheShuttle

by on September 20, 2012

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Tracking Shuttle Endeavor flyover

The space shuttle Endeavor is making its farewell flight from around the country doing flyovers at various NASA locations and landmarks. I thought I’d look into how you can track the Endeavor space shuttle on it’s farewell tour.

UPDATE #1: Friday’s flight has been delayed an hour and is now expected to take off from Edwards at 8:15am.

For the Bay Area/Peninsula region, the shuttle Endeavor, on the back of its 747 transport, is slated to make its farewell flyover on Friday. It was originally scheduled for Thursday, but things changed in transit.

The estimated time was originally 8:30am, but now looks like it might be as late as 10:30am.

(My local paper today (Thurs) reports it to be at 10:30, but other media outlets are estimating the shuttle to be back down in Southern CA by 10:30! What this means is you’ll have to play this one tight. If you don’t have a Twitter account or don’t have a smartphone with Twitter access, find a friend that does and don’t lose site of them!)

If you’re curious about when Endeavor will be flying over you or where it’s present location will be, there’s a better way than standing around and looking up all morning!

Where is Shuttle Endeavor

Check out NASA Ames Twitter account, @NASAAmes, where they’ll be updating the shuttle’s progress. Their updates will be including the hashtags #spottheshuttle and #OV105. (OV105 was its vehicle designation) They’re also asking fans and enthusiasts to use specific hashtags when spotting the flyover or any other pertinent updates.

The NASA Ames Twitter account can be found at

For Bay Area/Peninsula residents, the NASA Ames website is also posting info:


Having just tested the hashtags, I see that while I was writing this,

“RT @elakdawalla: Just got through inspection at Edwards AFB, ready to convoy in to @NASADryden to #SpotTheShuttle #OV105”

First run test of hashtag looks successful. But you will encounter some noise as folks are tweeting their anticipation of the event with the same tags.

As it stands now, Endeavor is scheduled for take off from Edwards AFB at approximately 7:15am Friday morning. It will then swing northward bound to the Bay Area region.

“Space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to perform low-level flyovers at about 1,500 feet above locations along the planned flight path over northern California, passing near Ames and various landmarks in multiple cities en route to its permanent home at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Endeavour is mounted atop NASA’s modified 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. “

For the locals here on the Peninsula, Moffet Field will be opening its gates at 6am on Friday, and the folks at Moffet have asked that you go online at to print out parking passes! (This will give them a great heads up as to how many folk to expect.)

Good luck everyone and have fun!
(Shuttle images via NASA press resources.)

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