Interesting Box Office Observation – ‘Hop’ Dominates

by on April 11, 2011

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While Hop won the weekend with a near $22 million box office take, bringing it’s total to $68M, Arthur was the best performing new movie this weekend and took 2nd on its opening weekend with $12.6M.  The disappointing Hanna was 3rd with $12.3M and Soul Surfer 4th with $11.1M.  OH, yea, the foul-mouthed, raunchy platform called Your Highness fooled folks into dropping $9.5M at the box office, but I expect that to drop big time next weekend.

But what’s interesting is there seemed to be a bit of a lack of faith in Hanna from Focus Features.  And maybe for good reason if they suspected that everyone was looking for an all-out action film.

Though Arthur hit $12.6M, it only average $3.8k per theater where as Hanna was only release to just over 2,500 theaters, but averaged $4.8K per theater.

Now true, the movie trailers were a bit misleading on Hanna, so I’m not anticipating the movie retaining the legs it had or could have retained had it been more the action flick than it was a journey flick, but hey, who knows would could happen?  (Wha?  Check out my Hanna Movie Review.)

Then again, Soul Surfer, amongst the newbie films from last weekend cranked it out with just a tad over $5k per theater.

So what parameter makes a movie a winner?  Overall or per theater?  That’s up to you and what you feel is your best baramoter for deciding on whether you see a movie or not.

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