‘Iron Invader’ on Syfy, A Review

by on February 13, 2011

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'Iron Invader' 2011 on the Syfy ChannelLast weekend the Original Saturday Night movie on the Syfy Channel was Iron InvaderIron Invader involves a meteorite that hits the Earth, bringing with it it bacteria that brings metal objects to life and when alive, the giant metal objects can kill humans with a mere touch by draining the metals from a person’s blood supply.

Iron Invader cast included some familiar faces from other Syfy Channel series:  Kavan Smith (Stargate Atlantis, Eureka, Red: Werewolf Hunger), Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary), Donnelly Rhodes (Battlestar Galactica, Hunt to Kill, Tron: Legacy), Chris Gauthier (Eureka) and a few others.  Very few others.

If you’ve read my reviews you know that I look at a project as a team effort between writer, director and actors.  This movie was directed & written by Paul Ziller (Ice Quake, Stonehenge Apocalypse) and I don’t know what went wrong. The movie came across as if this was the first cut and no one was going to let the editor do more than a once-over to prepare it for the telecast.

Kavan Smith came off flat and stiff and the acting was just a bowl full of predictable, Saturday night movie acting.  And here I had started thinking that the movies were starting to get better for this particular medium!

The monster was a great bit of homage to the  Transformers movie franchise.  It looked like something that might have come off of a used-bot sales lot of Transformers…  “low miles, just one owner!”

With the pragmatic bit of reality out of the way, I started to have fun with it, like I do most Syfy movies.  I had to work harder at this one though.

When a character, by eye, could identify that there was space bacteria causing the mutating metal monster, cool.  When another character came in contact with with the death-touch of the metal monster and didn’t die, well, thank god she was anemic.

The humor-filled entertainment hokey-factor fully kicked in finally when the bar patrons discovered through various tests that alcohol killed the bacteria that powered the monster. I was able to fully embrace the underlying humor of the project.  I mean come on, tossing anti-bacterial soap on an invading alien robot to see if that will stop it?  Pure genius folks.  I was finally able to fully laugh with the movie-makers and enjoy the process, helping me have a good time with my fellow viewers.

Still, the acting did come off flat and that was what first distracted me, but with enough meds, things came out just fine for another Satuday night with Iron Invader!

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