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After watching my Iron Man 2 DVD a “few” times I finally cranked up the movie with Jon Favreau‘s commentary track kicked in.  Some commentaries can be so-so, some can be fun and some can be chalk full of goodies, Easter egg alerts and just generally interesting nuggets that are fully interesting.  Guess which one this was?

In my review of the Iron Man 2 DVD commentary track, we learn about tidbits like

  • Where in the movie Seth Green shows up,
  • What older movie inspired a few scenes,
  • How many times we actually see the suitcase armor,
  • where Loki shows up (You’ll be surprised),
  • when The Rock’s stunt double actually shows up in Iron Man 2 &
  • Where there’s a reference to the Black Panther.

When I put the DVD in we get previews for Super 8 and The Last Airbender.  The menu takes us through a Stark Expo type of schematic that cycles a few scenes from the movie but I deftly hit the all important ‘play’ button after setting the director commentary to ‘on.’

We open to the news telecast of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) admitting to the press he’s Iron Man and we watch Ivan watching the telecast.  When I first watched Iron Man 2 in the theaters, I wasn’t fond of Mickey Rourke in the role of Ivan Vanko, or, aka in the comics, Whiplash.  But after seeing Rourke in a few other roles of late, I’ve come to appreciate his part in the movie after that.

After the opening, the ride takes off.  I love the movie but there were a few spots that created some questions for myself.

  1. How did Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) get all the equipment to Monaco?  Did he drive or fly?  If he flew, how the heck did he get his Whiplash gear on board???
  2. How does James Rhodes get the Mark II suit on?  How’d he get so good, so fast in the suit?
  3. Yes, that was Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein cameo.  He sadly passed away too soon in his life at 36, in 2009.

Though there are some great spots of humor in the movie, the best spot for me is while Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) takes out this one bad guy near the end of the movie.  It takes him a while and when he finally decks the guy, he yells out to Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) “I got him!”, Meanwhile, Natasha, aka Black Widow, has taken down seven or eight of the other bad guys by herself, very effectively.  “I got him!”…  LOL.

With Jon Favreau’s commentary on, we learn quite a bit about several angles & aspects of the movie.

– In the beginning of the movie, the dark room that Ivan was building his first rendition of his powered whips was a a parallel to Tony’s cave in the first movie.  Building from nothing in nothing.

– Mickey Rourke really wanted scenes with the bird in it.

– When Tony is exiting from the Expo after that cool entrance he makes dropping in, he’s headed down the ramp through all the women to the car and Seth Green is in the crowd. HA!

– In the Senate hearings, the failed Iron Man clones in other countries were inspired by RoboCop.

– Though we think we see the suitcase armor for the first time in the Monaco scenes, we’ve actually seen it before then in the movie.  Check this out:  Remember in the movie when we first see Tony in his workshop and he claps his hands to bring the place to life?  As Pepper comes down and enters the work shop, Tony walks through the floating 3D diagrams from the computer.  At the 19:45 mark, he pushes an image off the screen while walking.  It’s a line diagram outline of the suitcase armor in the open position.  Genius!!!

– The Mark 6 armor that Tony wears later on near the end, is in the background early on, at the 20:08 mark!

– The man who gives Ivan his fake passport in the dark alley is part of the Ten Rings organization.  His name in the credits as the Ten Rings Man.

– The suitcase suit couldn’t be done like it worked in the comics… that was a liquid-like metal.  Any long-time fan of Iron Man knows it used to unfold or slide down his body when he changed.  In IM2, they had to make it believable in their own world setting of Iron Man.

– Mickey Rourke had a tatoo on his neck that post production tried to blot out in most scenes.  The tatoo was homage to Rourke’s dog, who recently died.  The dog’s name was Loki.  Jon indicated that most post edits worked, but it was a surprise that IMAX brings out things you just don’t catch

– They filmed Hammer’s droids huge hangar scenes in the same place that  Tesla cars are built.

– In the hangar scene, the front droid is real & the rest of the droids are digitally added.

– When James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) snags the Mark II suit and flies to Edwards Air Force Base, he lands and the B2 Bomber is behind him.  As the scene closes and we pan out, looking down on the crowd walking into the hangar, two things are missing.  The B2 is no longer there and the Mark II armor was never put in the scene of the men walking into the hangar.  Man!  I totally missed both of those items.  The reason the B2 is missing is that they weren’t allowed to photograph the back of the aircraft and that camera angle didn’t make the military comfortable.  (It’s the same restriction around the F-117 fighter/bomber.  I was once at an airshow where the F-117 landed and taxi’d by the civilians and the military showed up in force and reviewed everyone’s cameras for pictures of the back end.)

– Jon points out that the ARC reactor power plant in the Mark II is present because the working theory is that Tony made spares to put in the extra suits.  (I did wonder, considering.)

– In CEO Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) office, when Natalie & Tony are alone, the Latin she speaks to Tony is actually translated to “Not everything is, as it seems.”  That’s not what she tells Tony in the movie.

– In reference to “the shield” that Tony uses to get his accelerator level, Favreau noted that he did not put it in the background of the first movie.  ILM did it.

– War Machine’s first appearance on the Expo stage when he came up through the floor was a completely digital appearance by War Machine..

– Remember that fight scene with Happy Hogan that I said I liked earlier?  That other guy in the fight was an American Gladiator and also a stunt double for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on some movies.

– In the scene where Tony realizes the droids are bombs, he bolts off to save Pepper and Jon calls that loosely paying homage to Predator.  (The bombs red lights and chirping count down slowly speeding up.)

– The roof scene after Tony saves Pepper was shot on the building that Jon Favreau grew up in.

Easter Eggs in Iron Man 2:

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man 2

In the closing scene where Tony is meeting with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), there are monitors around the room and this scene is loaded with Easter eggs!  The news broadcast on the upper right monitor that we first see comes from the Incredible Hulk movie.  This suggests that events are happening from both movies at the same time.

Another monitor shows the crater where “the hammer” that Coulson (Clark Gregg) went to check out.  (IE:  The hammer of Thor)

Near the end of the Stark/Fury scene, a world map can be seen in the background.  All the spots marked on the maps in the background are related to something in the Marvel Universe.  Two of them are related to Captain America, one spot is related to Thor and a spot marked in Africa is related to the Black Panther.  Yep, Black Panther.  Is that sweet or what?

While the film was being done, the economy was taking a big dump and he notes that piracy is hurting the industry and if you pirated the DVD, he says you should be ashamed of yourself.  Jon goes on to note that the business structure of selling DVD’s is going out the door and that DVD’s will be for collectors and enthusiasts and the mainstream movie watcher will be downloading movies to watch.

The bonus scene was shot from the set of Thor itself.

What more do you want.  You got your money’s worth.  And goodbye!

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