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by on April 27, 2010

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IRON MAN 2 El Capitan Theater World Premiere in Hollywood

First and foremost, this Iron Man 2 movie review op-ed article is a spoiler-free opinion piece.  I’m not reviewing the movie, I’m warning you about the character and plot spoilers in the reviews!

With that said:  Second, and possibly more important:  WARNING:  I’m rather amazed at just how many details are being splattered all over the internet about Iron Man 2, from the reviews.

IF YOU LIKE BEING PRESENTED WITH SURPRISE STORY ELEMENTS when watching a movie, I’d recommend extreme caution when check out reviews.I’ve only seen a few so far, but now I feel like I know everything or at the very least, more than I would have liked to have known.

IRON MAN 2 Napkin Note

My writers and I were going to put a piece together on how all the Iron Man 2 trailers that are out there are probably spoiling the film.  But I digress.  After checking out some of the reviews out there, it was clearly evident that they haven’t given much away at all in regards to the plot of Iron Man 2 in the trailers.

I hinted at what I suspected from some clips and some images, (Which I’m pleased to see I was right on a few accounts.  But displeased that I know it 10 days before hand.)

The Disparity of the Review:

IRON MAN 2 shooting location

IRON MAN 2 shooting location - Sepulveda Basin

We’ve all seen it from time to time.  Someone can write about something they’re passionate about and the subtleties or details they speak to make it evident.  Then there are those that pretend to toss out articles, and instead of just reporting the info, try to make it like they’re fans.  And they fail miserably taking guess stabs at catchy franchise phrases.  It hurts to read those vain attempts.

It may seem the very same with the reviews of Iron Man 2.

For some, you can tell the reviewers aren’t fans of the Iron Man title, or were sent out on a job to do, and that was to review a movie.  Not just this specific movie.  Sure, they don’t align with what I suspect, but the reviews are valid, coming from nuetral sources that are giving us their opinion, in probably what could be considered a level-headed, non-fan review.  For others, the folk who appreciate the genre or the Iron Man franchise, you can tell who they are and gave it the due justice it deserved, from the fan’s perspective.

On a third front, you can see some Twitter-zens out there bashing the reviews of the fan centric minded, in the ever ubigitous fashion that people tend to demonstrate out on Twitter.  But that’s cool.  We all have our opinion and that’s what makes all of you out there rather fascinating to me.

Me, I’ve chatted with a few folk who’s movie opinion I trust completely, so I have an emotional expectation going into the film.  But I must say, it’s fascinating to see the range of reviews is across the board, but the bottom line is that reviewers have let a lot out of the bag.

Cinema Static on Brusimm - TV and Movie Stuff, Weeding through the Static

But let’s skip ahead, shall we?

Despite being years and years off, some folk are already talking Iron Man 3.  Yea… that’s crazy!

There are inklings of it being about Tony Stark’s drinking problems and what not, but the scarier premise for this writer is that Jon Favreau realistically says that with this 2nd film, he’s passing the baton.  The next time we will be seeing Iron Man will be in The Avengers… Where we’ll be seeing the culmination of Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, Joe Johnston’s Captain America, and Kenneth Brannagh’s Thor come together, hopefully in a decent project.  BTW: Favreau will be an executive producer for The Avengers.

But with Favreau pondering this as his passing the baton on to The Avengers, I become very somber because then he reflects that realistically, he’s addressed the premise of not coming back for a third film.  He’d consider it if he feels he can add something to the franchise, but that is a somber thought.

I cannot imagine a third Iron Man movie being done and not having the best Iron Man director ever (O.K., the only one to this point) not being at the helm of the 3rd Iron Man.

That would dampen my enthusiasm for it a lot.

Those are my thoughts on the Iron Man movie reviews and the franchise itself, from what little I have to go on today.  Tread with caution and maybe you’ll encounter a review that is spoiler free somewhere!  Me, from what I’ve heard, I am looking forward to it.  “But that’s just me.  I could be wrong.

Check out ComingSoon’s Jon Favreau article for a good read about Cowboys & Aliens, and apparently they’ll be releasing more of their chat with Favreau later on.

[2nd and 3rd images from Marvel Movies Facebook page.]

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windstorm April 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm

The studios when not owning the properties are willing to gamble the loss of identity to gain ingestibility and digestibility of the material by the average viewer. That’s the advantage of kitsch. This being a Marvel franchise it’s understandable that they would want to give you the whole mythos intact. Some reviews mention that the story drags a little but to me this is good news, because quite likely Favreau has been given more lee way to shoot material that fleshes out the story better. Hopefully the source myths are preserved sufficiently to qualify it as equal to the comic.

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