IRON MAN 2: Suitcase or Breifcase Armor Suit Up Sequence

by on April 23, 2010

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Iron Man 2 IMAX Poster

Yahoo Movies has released yet another Iron Man 2 movie trailer, or to be precise, a movie clip.

But if you’re looking to stay away from most or more material from Iron Man 2, I am actually saying to NOT watch it. The movie clip shows the briefcase armor being fully engaged and a few back and forth shots between Whiplash and Iron Man.

But if you’re going to check it out, let me show you something….

The below image is what happens “behind the scenes” when Iron Man’s briefcase armor is tossed out of the car…

and the video shows just what sublime editing can do for a finished movie scene.

The broken briefcase image comes from an old post where I was teasing non-shellhead fans what could possibly be in the briefcase… Iron Man 2 Briefcase Armor Quietly Unveiled… anyone who had been following the comics since, like say, the age of 10 (in my case) made the correct guess right away!

[Yahoo Movie Trailers, via Film School Rejects]

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