IRON MAN 2 World Premiere at El Capitan Theater – May 26th [Updated with Pictures]

by on April 27, 2010

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IRON MAN 2 El Capitan Theater World Premiere in Hollywood

Today will mark the World Premiere of Iron Man 2, taking place at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA. Cast and crew will be in attendance, such as Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson, Jon Favreau and many more!

If you’ve ever been there, you know that just experiencing the theater itself is quite the show.

Having enjoyed a few Disney premieres at the El Capitan, if done right, the production company can put on one hell of an entrance for the movie as the theater is equipped to have its own experience as far as selling collectibles, holding stage introduction shows that intro the movie and what not.

This bit explains how that can be:

“Step into Hollywood’s glittering past at the legendary El Capitan Theatre, which made its debut on May 3, 1926, as “Hollywood’s First Home of Spoken Drama.” This grand theater has been restored to its original elegance, boasting a Spanish Colonial exterior and a colorful and lavish East Indian interior designed by San Francisco architect G. Albert Lansburgh.

The El Capitan Theatre has undergone a museum-grade renovation. This includes the stage, which has been restored to its original 1926 legitimate-theater dimensions, a newly installed high-speed lift center stage, lights, recently remodeled dressing rooms, and state-of-the-art special effects. The theater offers 1,000 seats and a Dolby SR-D audio system.”

It’s a fun time to be had by all. (Well, at least those were my experiences.) Later today, Iron Man 2 will have its world premiere there and as soon as the photos are available, I’ll add them to this article and push it to the front of the site.

Have a great day gang and come on back later today! Iron Man 2 is inching its way towards us, 1 day at a time!

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windstorm April 28, 2010 at 12:51 pm

I think we just might be witnessing the golden age of the comic book movie. I wonder if it will last any longer than five or six more years? The irony (he he) of Downey wearing rose color glasses isn’t lost on me, but I’m enough of a realist to appreciate the concept of living in the moment. 😉
Wonder what a pair of those cost? lolz

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