Iron Man 3 – 2nd Largest Box Office Opening + More

by on May 6, 2013

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Iron Man 3 movie in 3D

Today I chat about Iron Man 3’s box office performance, I also make an interesting comparison to Thor, and a quick overview of failed and met expectations.

Wow.  After The Avengers and the first two Iron Man movies, fans of the Iron Man movie franchise were pretty damn excited about this latest chapter of Tony Stark’s life.  So much so that they turned out in droves, giving movie theaters $174 million for movie tickets during the domestic opening weekend.

This made Iron Man 3 the 2nd largest domestic opening, and added to the overseas business, is headed towards the $1 billion sales mark, worldwide.

This was the third of a trilogy for the Iron Man movie franchise, and traditionally, most sequels don’t do so hot.

But Marvel has done something miraculous in the release of this movie.  They’ve made it part of a bigger story involving many other movies.  From Iron Man, to Captain America, to Thor, Iron Man 2 and then The Avengers, it seems that many folks were pretty jazzed about this latest chapter of the overall Marvel Universe movies, and thus, also being the next movie after The Avengers, I guess fans were looking for something besides another Iron Man story.

But did they find what they were looking for?

As a story about a man and his responsibilities, Iron Man 3 excelled.  As a new story showcasing Tony Stark kicking ass from inside his suit of armor, it will more than likely be deemed a bit of a failure on some expectations.

But the Disney marketing machine pumped out a few big spoilers which would have made the story a pure set of surprises.  But then the marketing also pitched something altogether different and as was noted within the story of the movie, was a total misdirect.  Brilliant and disappointing, all at once.  (I’ll explain this in a moment.)


Iron Man SPOILERS warning

But there was something else I realized recently, in that the marketing was focused on the Mandarin, and he turned out to be a drunk hired by Killian to distract the world from his Extremis program.  And much like the movie, the ads did that very thing.

And there too was something else I noticed.

In the first two Iron Man movies, it was Tony in his armor.  Iron Man comic fans definitely got their fill of the character.  But this third installment, wore much like the story of the first Thor movie.  The hero had to struggle against the forces of evil without his favored tool.  Thor had to redeem himself as a mere mortal first, without his powers or his hammer.  Tony, with his newest armor malfunctioning, had to make do without it through most of his challenges.

Like I said, it was a good story and very reminiscent of some old stories when Tony faced off against the Mandarin.  But if you were an Iron Man fan, waiting anxiously to see what the new armor could do, well, it barely held together.  I swear, it needed duct tape!  Most of the issues were presented in a humorous overtone, but it was there.

And Iron Man 3 will define where the movie fan falls… some fans will be in the “great story” category while those who love the tech of the armor might feel a little differently.

To be honest, I came into the movie as an armor fan.  The first two movies created that mindset.  But this latest movie, directed by Shane Black, pulled the movie story fan out of me while I was trying to deal with two major disappointments.

That the Mandarin was just a street junkie, and that the new armor was a lemon…  or a work in progress.  That was quite the surprise after all that marketing that pummeled us on TV.  What a twist!

You do have to appreciate that.  Even if it drives you crazy.

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