IRON MAN 3 adds a Villain, A Reprised Role & Some Conjecture [Spoilers]

by on May 25, 2012

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Iron Man 3 newsSome Iron Man 3 news came out… first a role of yet another villain is being filled and what I presume to be a fan-favorite character is being reprised!

The characters being scripted out for Iron Man 3 could be giving away more than some folks would like to know. So… here’s the newest, spoiler free news:

Ashley Hamilton is in talks to join the movie’s cast.

And what I consider to be awesome news, Jon Favreau is returning to the franchise to reprise his role of Happy Hogan. I love Favreau in that role.

– Now, for what could be considered a collective set of spoilers:

Ashley Hamilton is in talks to play the character called Firepower. He’s just coming off of a film called Lost Angeles, where he plays the character Bruce. (go figure.) In the Marvel world, Firepower is a suit of armor operated by Jack Taggert. He’s another huge armored character that Iron Man will have to deal with.

Firepower to be in 'Iron Man 3'And from past altercations, Firepower could be giving Iron Man a serious run for his money, depending on how they write the character in.

All this while developing the rumored Extremis story line.

This is a crazy collective of characters coming together in this third Iron Man film… from the potential of Mandarin, the cyborg Coldblood and now Firepower!

And don’t forget where Guy Pearce plays Aldrich Killian and Rebecca Hall, another good, turned bad scientist.

This is starting to seem a bit crazy, with all these characters piling up.

And I’m wondering if they’ll be casting a character called Mallen? (The man who forced Tony to adopt the Extremis armor from the motion comic.)

Coldblood in IRON MAN 3Iron Man 3 is looking to be a huge and busy movie. I’m slightly worried right now, with so many characters being cast. But many sites are saying that Coldblood is a villain, but historically, he wasn’t… always.

It’s getting crazy. The production received more funding, they’re hiring more cast, and with the advent of The Avengers destroying modern day box office records, more interest is getting tuned into this next chapter of Tony Stark’s life.

The movie is due out in theaters in May of 2013.

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