‘Iron Man 3’ Bad Guy News, Notes and Observations from a Life-long Fan

by on April 19, 2012

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This Iron Man fan decided to do a google search on Iron Man 3 to see what the latest news was up to…

The biggest news of late was in the headlines that Ben Kingsley was in negotiations for a role in the movie. First headlines said he was going to be the primary bad guy in the film, but then the news flip-flopped to, maybe not. Not sure what’s up but either way, he’s in negotiations. I can’t imagine he’s going to be playing a small role.


Other news includes production of the movie and that Disney is already shopping labor out to overseas studios, or its Chinese partner, DMG Entertainment.

Sending some of the production work over to China is also precluding the premise they note, that there will be Chinese elements injected into the story of Iron Man 3. If we have a Chinese element, does that indeed hint at The Mandarin in this movie chapter of Tony Stark?

What’s more interesting in this production arrangement are the limitations that China has put on foreign movie productions, and by letting Disney in, is part of an expanded invite to additional studios… but, as China put it, the extra studios allowed into the country will make 3D or IMAX formatted movies.

They’ve asked for that extra bit because those formats have pushed movie profits in that country by 25%. Yea… now we have an interesting number in how much more a studio can make from a good 3D version of a good film.


Producer Kevin Feige Says:

Iron Man Extremis in 'Iron Man 3'

Then over in an ABC news piece, producer Kevin Feige said that IM 3 will be very different and suggests that even though it’s a sequel, that fans shouldn’t think they know what to expect.

In the article, Feige said,

“Its going to be very different, very unique and I think not ascribe to any specific formula that they think they may have pegged us on, its all in the story. Its where you take Tony Stark on his journey in an unexpected way and have him come out of the Avengers a slightly changed individual, which people will see when they see the movie.”

It’s an interesting tease that Feige gives the fan… but is this just spin or are they really taking the character somewhere new that’s not in the comic franchise? Or are they headed down the Extremis armor route? That’s definitely a journey Stark had to take.

Latino Review says in an exclusive piece of snooping discovered that… and if you don’t like spoilers, avert your eyes,

The Avengers story line leads right into Iron Man 3 and the story is based on how

– Nanobots that make villains

– Nanobots that can also make Tony Stark more than a man in a suit.

Latino Review is noted for not spouting off bits without some good reason and I trust their input and reporting. So this does seem to lean towards Extremis.

I could have sworn I wrote a review on the stop-motion series on Netflix… but I can’t find it on any of my sites. Great, I hate senility!

Real quick:

Extremis Armor in 'Iron Man 3'?

The Extremis chapter of Tony Stark’s life has Stark facing an aggressive, no limits kind of evil who is powered by Extremis tech. And with his bare hands, puts Iron Man down hard. The idea that Stark, despite his armor, still has limitations in the mechanical response time, needs to be improved. He injects himself with the experimental product and now he has parts of the Extremis armor stored inside hollow parts of his bones. In the end, Tony puts down the bad guy, but it’s an incredibly mature resolution (not for the young), where Tony only has one option in stopping this guy and he has

[spoiler]the bad guy’s head between his hands and lets loose with his repulsors.[/spoiler]

Is The Mandarin in 'Iron Man 3'News/rumors out there do point to The Mandarin and an Extremis powered opponent, which is what drives Tony to the extreme measure of the new armor.

If any of this is true, then Iron Man 3 will be an incredible new chapter in the movie franchise. But if Disney/Marvel & director Shane Black do go to the latest chapter of the comic franchise, are they looking to end the film trilogy with this third movie?

Hey, here’s an

Iron Man Armor/Avengers Spoiler

Joss Whedon is a traditionalist of sorts. He likes the classic round shape of the Iron Man armor chest plate. If you notice, all the trailers are showing the triangular chest plate.

You do the math from there! My guess is that Stark makes a new armor at some point during the movie. Or maybe watch the video!


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Extremis Motion Comic Preview


Well, as fun as that was for me to scribble out, that’s all I have for ya that I found out today… more to come with any new Iron Man 3 movie news as it pops up, here on BruSimm.

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