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by on April 25, 2012

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Extremis Armor in 'Iron Man 3'

The news has been slowly flowing out of the press faucets for casting info for Iron Man 3.  Of course, Ben Kingsley was in the contractual talk mode for a role…  but there’s more cast coming on board, or at least, as they say, in talks to join the cast.

Headlines out there are saying Guy Pearce will be joining the cast as the geneticist who brings the Extremis system into reality, Aldrich Killian.

Right now, Pearce has a few movie projects coming out…  Lawless, Prometheus and a Drake Doremus project.  He just had Lockout come out too.  (I’m looking forward to Prometheus more than most movies!)

I’ve seen that Jessica Chastain is also in talks to join the cast, as is Andy Lau also.

Chastain is supposedly filling an unnamed role (so far) of a sexy scientist as smart as Tony Stark… which could possibly be the role of Maya, and that would make her the

[spoiler]…other Extremist scientist that helps Tony actually inject the Extremist tech into his body the first time.[/spoiler]


Jessica Chastain in talks for IRON MAN 3Chastain had a huge and busy year in 2011, with Take Shelter, Coriolanus, The Tree of Life, The Help, Texas Killing Fields and a few more.

2012 sees her not taking any breather any time soon, with Zero Dark Thirty, Lawless, Mama, Tar and an untitled Terrence Malick project.

Man, she’s a real dynamo!

'Iron Man 3', starring Robert Downey Jr. and directed by Shane Black

The other bit of news, which may or may not be surprising to many, is that you can stop holding your breath… there will be no Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) in Iron Man 3…  sorry guys.  But in the Extremis story line, that makes sense.

The first two Iron Man movies hinted at The Mandarin, but will they fit that character into this third movie?  Extremis is a handful as it is…  but hey, it’s up to what the new director, Shane Black, does with this new movie.


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