IRON MAN 3 Gets Yet Another New Character In the Mix (with pic)

by on May 30, 2012

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IRON MAN 3 movie news

As if you didn’t already know, Iron Man 3 is filming in Wilmington, NC right now. Shane Black is directing, and Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Jon Favreau are reprising their roles while Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Andy Lau, James Badge Dale, Rebecca Hall, Ashley Hamilton, and William Sadler are the newbie cast members fulfilling all kinds of evil roles.

Today we have two pieces of Iron Man 3 updates that might be considered spoilers if you’re trying to stay away from some of the character news, so I’d suggest go away, visit my new DVD post or something of that nature!


Iron Man SPOILERS warning

Today SuperHeroHype has confirmed that there will be a another character in the mix of the already super-busy cast of characters & villains…

Well, it’s probably a character… It seems that we will be seeing the Patriot Armor in IM3, though SHH has no details on who might be wearing the armor.

Iron Patriot in IRON MAN 3This snapshot came from The Superficial, and their caption reads that “James Badge Dale in costume as Iron Patriot on the set of Iron Man 3 in North Carolina. (May 30, 2012)”

There’s a link below for the full image…

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Latino Review is confirming a few character details from the movie:

Ben Kingsley is playing the Mandarin, but he’ll not be the primary bad guy, but rather, the man backing Guy Pearce’s character, Killian, in the Extremis story.

They’re also theorizing that Coldblood and Firepower will be part of the Extremis army… or names given to characters in that group, rather than the classic roles we’ve seen them fill.

Don’t forget, this third film is the last one in Downey’s contract and he’ll have to renegotiate for a new contract for any upcoming new films.

Iron Man 3 will land in theaters in May of 2013.

Yahoo movies has a few of pics of the Iron Patriot armor and James Badge Dale.




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